Body Armor Backpack Allows you to Feel the Bass in Your Music

Trevor English

Listening to music can be one of the best times in our days, but having a good speaker system really makes a difference for you audio experience. There is a lot of equipment that can hit the high-end audio, but finding a good low-end speaker system can be difficult. Audio equipment with quality low-end capabilities can either be bulky or cost a lot of money. However, what if you want to feel your music, what if you want to become part of the song you are listening to? A new device that you strap onto your back specializes in bass, and you will experience the music like you never have before.

subpac wearable base[Image Source: SubPac]

This product is for the serious music listener, and it is possibly the only 'wearable' bass system on the market. When you hook up your inputs to the system, its built-in subwoofer system filters out the low end and sends it radiating through your body. The rest of the audio is sent to your regular headphones so you get the complete experience.

Called the SubPac, this backpack subwoofer is a little bit different than your normal headphones. Other than listening to music, imagine rigging this up with your video games. You would actually feel the gun shots whizzing by you in your favorite games. Fair warning, it's a little expensive. You can get a seatback version for US$279 or the wearable version seen above for US$329. For an even deeper review of the product, check out the short unboxing video from Youtube's best unboxing channel, Unbox Therapy.

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This device has the potential to completely change how you listen to, or even feel, music. For as high a price as it is, you may want to consider using it while playing video games, watching TV, or literally anything with audio so you get your money's worth out. Technology has progressed so much that now, we can become the subwoofer.

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