Boeing releases new version of the AH-64 Apache with improved lethality

The AH-64 Apache has been around for 35 years, defending soldiers in every corner of the globe.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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The AH-64 Apache helicopter


Boeing had released a new and improved version of its AH-64 Apache helicopter, according to a statement by the firm released on Monday.

A lethal attack helicopter

The AH-64 Apache has been around for 35 years, defending soldiers in every corner of the globe, eliminating wide-ranging threats from the battlefield and keeping our ground forces safe.

It has evolved with time going from the AH-64A in 1984 to today’s AH-64E Version 6 and has proven to be an extremely lethal attack helicopter platform as well as a very powerful and effective reconnaissance platform.

No other helicopter in the world has been able to match its unique mix of versatility and operationally-proven, mature, low-risk and affordable capabilities.

Now, the Army has plans to keep the aircraft operational and an integral part of the service’s aviation forces for decades.

“At Boeing, we understand that for the Army to maintain rotorcraft dominance in future Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), the Apache needs to be optimized to complement the next-generation platforms in the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) ecosystem. Moreover, we believe that it’s incumbent on all of us in the industry to keep bringing forward the best ideas and innovative solutions to meet the emerging and future needs of our Soldiers with speed and affordability,” said the firm in its press release.

“And so, Boeing is proud and excited to introduce the Modernized Apache — a dominant, affordable concept built on the combat-proven Apache platform that represents the next evolution of the current AH-64E v6.”

The new concept has the capacity to seamlessly and effectively meet the Army’s evolving attack and reconnaissance requirements — including increased agility, interoperability, lethality, survivability and reach.

To ensure that the Army can operate, fight and win on future battlefields, the new Apache will embrace and integrate cutting-edge technology. The following six modernization elements have been implemented:

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  • Drivetrain upgrades to unlock Improved Turbine Engine (ITE) capabilities for enhanced power, range, efficiency and speed;
  • A Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for maximum interoperability, and faster integration and fielding of advanced capabilities;
  • Advanced mission systems to increase interoperability to the network and to reduce pilot cognitive strain and workload during operations;
  • Advanced sensors and sensor fusion for better and more resilient connectivity across domains and operations in all environmental conditions;
  • Airborne long-range precision munitions, Air Launched Effects (ALE) and potential future directed energy weapon system integration for increased lethality; and
  • Advanced sustainment through a more capable and lower life cycle cost airframe, as well as affordable remanufacture and minimized procurement costs.

Aviation's second century

“While aviation’s first century was largely defined by the astonishing array of new products and capabilities, we know that its second century will be defined not only by the “what” we build but also by innovations in “how” we design, build, deliver and maintain our products and services,” further states Boeing.

The novel Apache will be digitally advanced, simply and efficiently produced and intelligently supported to offer an industry-leading, end-to-end digital lifecycle that will enable unprecedented speed and agility. The aim is to deliver critical solutions at the speed necessary to ensure future readiness and deliver unmatched capabilities and cost- and time-savings to soldiers and taxpayers.

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