Boeing Is Now Upcycling Old Plane Parts as Furniture

The items range from $5,500 to $19,500.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Do you miss that feeling of freedom as you jet off to a new land? Well, ever since COVID-19 has got us up in its grips, most of us do miss it. But thanks to Being's new store, we can come pretty close.


Boeing is now selling furniture made out of retired plane parts. It calls its store the "luxury aviation" store and that's no joke with items starting at $5,500 and reaching all the way to $19,500.

The most pricey of these is the F-4 Phantom Ejection Seat 1. "Go from zero to Mach 2 without leaving your seat. This artifact is a genuine ejection seat from a McDonnell F-4 Phantom II fighter jet," says the chair's description.

Boeing Is Now Upcycling Old Plane Parts as Furniture
Source: Boeing Store

Although we doubt the seat can still eject, the item does come with a very interesting history. "The two-seat F-4 twinjet was one of the most versatile fighters ever built. It boasted top speeds more than twice the speed of sound and became the U.S. Navy's fastest, highest flying, and longest range fighter. Both the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds flight demonstration teams flew the F-4 from 1969 to 1973," explains Boeing.

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More than ejectable seats

But ejectable seats are not all Boeing's store has to offer. There are high tables made out of twinjets, low tables made out of the fuselage of retired Boeing 727s (and featuring a very patriotic American flag), wine bars made out of JT8D turbofan engines, and more. The items all have a very specific look: they seem to have come straight off a plane.

Boeing Is Now Upcycling Old Plane Parts as Furniture
Source: Boeing Store

That doesn't stop them from being appealing and we could easily see one of these high priced pieces of furniture included in some elitist's collection. For the rest of us, unfortunately, the items are too expensive to adorn our humble homes.

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