Boston Dynamics’ robot Spot has “permission to dance” to BTS’ popular hit song

The dancing robots performed in a video that was in conjunction with a concert held by BTS in Busan, South Korea.
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Boston Dynamics' robot Spot dancing.
Boston Dynamics' robot Spot dancing.

Boston Dynamics / YouTube 

Boston Dynamics robot dog, Spot, is dancing, once more. This time, it’s to the hit song “Permission to Dance” by group BTS, a popular band from South Korea, in a new video (featured below).

The robots' abilities

The Boston Dynamics robots are so advanced, they can dance, do gymnastics, run, and even take part in daily activities, like opening doors and lifting objects. The robots have progressed immensely over the past few years. Each video performance becomes more innovative and entertaining than the last one.

Goal of Spot

The Boston Dynamics site mentions that the ultimate goal of Spot, the dog-like robot, is to be used as an incredible tool to keep people safe and enrich lives. “We believe that advanced mobile robots will provide tremendous benefits to society,” the company stated. But, in the meantime, the robots also show their amazing agility and precision in the video. The robots dance in sync with one another, showing their skills.

Behind the dancing robots, there’s the words “The greatest moment is yet to come,” a sign of optimism and positivity that resonates throughout the video.

Good and bad times

Boston Dynamics is well-known for its viral videos showcasing its robots doing amazing things. However, the team at the company is also not afraid to show the difficulties and trials they face when creating these videos with the advanced robots. The engineering and technology behind the creation of these inventive robots, and programming their moves, does not go unnoticed, as can be seen with the popularity of these videos. Repairs and improvements are often made to each robot, allowing the movements to get better in each video.

Robots dancing together to the music

The video shows the remarkable dance moves of the robots, with the lyrics from the song playing in the background appropriately singing, “We don’t need permission to dance” as the robots dance together. Atlas, Boston Dynamics’ human-like robot, also made an appearance within the video.

Boston Dynamics’ robot Spot has “permission to dance” to BTS’ popular hit song
Boston Dynamics' robot Atlas dancing in the video.

The innovation of Spot, the robot dog

Spot first made its debut in 2016, a smaller version of the company’s larger dog prototype, BigDog, that was its predecessor. The smaller dog-like robot was faster and nimbler than the larger version. The “Spot”, as we know it, has been seen in numerous videos for the past couple of years. The Spot that is seen in the video first appeared in one in 2019 for its launch. This robot version was also available to consumers a year later.

Collaborative video with BTS and Hyundai

In the most recent video shared by Boston Dynamics, seven Spot robots dance to “Permission to Dance” sung by BTS, which also consists of seven members in the group. The video was created in collaboration with HyundaiMotor and BTS for their “Yet to Come” concert in Busan, South Korea, a free concert held in support of South Korea’ s bid to hold the World Expo in 2030. The end of the video mentions “Hyundai Motor Company supports Busan to host World Expo 2030.” Hyundai, an automobile manufacturer based in South Korea, purchased Boston Dynamics last year for $1.1 billion.

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