Boston Dynamics' Spot Is Now Optimizing Construction Sites

The robot dog can be used to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Boston Dynamics' four-legged and kind of adorable robot Spot has been put to good use lately from implementing social distancing regulations in Singapore to inspecting a SpaceX site after a catastrophic collapse in the firm's Boca Chica facility. Now, Foster + Partners has tested the robot's ability to capture and monitor progression on a construction site.


“The ability of Spot to repeatedly and effortlessly complete routine scans, in an ever-changing environment was invaluable not only in terms of the consistency but also the large amount of high-quality data collected," said Martha Tsigkari, Partner, Foster + Partners.

"Through this process, we developed a sequence of scans that may help us track the project progress against timeframes as well as facilitate regular comparisons against the BIM model. Our scans can ensure that very quick and accurate changes to the newly designed system could be made to accommodate the differences captured by the scans — all in a matter of days. This could result in savings both in terms of time and money.”

On time and on budget

To ensure a construction project is delivered on time and on budget, changes in the construction process need to be tracked and measured on a regular basis, identifying any possible issues and dealing with them. As most projects have many contractors working together on-site, a process must be established that can allow for constant, quick, consistent, and precise monitoring of the ongoing works.

Spot can capture all the necessary elements that can optimize this type of monitoring, enhancing the final construction process. 

"Combining temporal and spatial information with data from sensors that read environmental conditions and occupancy, we can construct an intricate model of how people, furnishings, and environmental conditions interact. This, in turn, helps us to operate our premises more efficiently and to anticipate how new designs will perform," explained Adam Davis, Partner, Foster + Partners.

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