Breathing new life into obsolete tech: Dalibor Farny makes Nixie tubes from scratch

He hopes to build a legacy.
Deena Theresa
Nixie tubes, old valve clock.
Nixie tubes, old valve clock.


  • The numbers in a Nixie tube can be used in displays to tell time.
  • One of his notable projects includes building a clock for NASA.
  • The technology's archaic nature kept Farny hooked, but later, it was his customers.

Dalibor Farny's favorite chess piece is the knight. 

"Knights are rather unpredictable, yet they focus on the task and complete them efficiently. I find them very interesting," says Farny.

He might as well be talking about himself.

As we speak, Farny is driving to a 17th-century castle in the heart of the Czech Republic, where he makes Nixie tubes.

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