Meet Bringy: A Smart Pet Ball That Takes Playing Fetch to the Next Level

Kathleen Villaluz
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Are you looking to improve the bond between you and your dog? Or perhaps play with them more effectively? Then you definitely need this smart ball. It's called Bringy, a unique toy that will help you train your dog like a pro.

Bringy is a smart ball for dogs

[Image Source: Kickstarter]

How exactly does Bringy work?

Bringy is more than just a toy for your dog, it's a smart ball that helps owners look after the well-being of their pets. It also optimizes playing sessions making it more fun for the dogs to fetch the ball. With its built-in sensor, the ball is capable of measuring a dog's statistics such as speed and reflexes, distance run, and even how high he jumped. The ball is equipped with motion tracking technology that works similar to how pro tennis players improve their training. So, you can train your dog more effectively while having fun. Fetch games wouldn't be mundane or boring anymore with the help of Bringy.

The smart ball is controlled using a mobile app compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The work-and-award play basis will be more effective as the app allows you to monitor your dog's training achievements. There's also no need to second guess if your dog is ill or slightly feeling under the weather.

There's also no need to second guess if your dog is ill or slightly feeling under the weather. Bringy's app automatically sends out notifications if the dog needs to drink, eat, or rest. If you're finding it a challenge to keep your dog in shape then you can take advantage of Bringy's many features to help you handle its health.

Meet Bringy: A Smart Pet Ball That Takes Playing Fetch to the Next Level

[Image Source: Kickstarter]

Is Bringy safe for pets?

Of course, it's not just the technology that matters. The aesthetic design of the ball is durable and chew friendly. It's made with safe, medical-quality, and flexible rubber. So, there's no need to worry in case your dog bites on the ball too hard. With its waterproof exterior, the interior electronics of the ball wouldn't get wet and cause it to malfunction while the pets are using it. It's therefore, ideal for outdoor use and other weather dependent scenarios.

The smart ball is ideal for any breeds and ages. It's easy to adjust the training program according to your dog's preference by tweaking the app. Pet owners can also teach their dogs how to be more obedient by using the ball as a tool.

Bringy is equipped with innovative technologies

[Image Source: Kickstarter]

In the case you or your dog loses Bringy, the ball is equipped with a beeping signal you can turn on via the app to find its location. Playtimes doesn't have to be limited to daylights. With Bringy's glowing LED light, dogs can play even at night. You can change the color of the glowing ball using the app feature. To learn some dog lifehacks, head over to Bringy's YouTube channel and discover some easy tricks to improve the way you take care of your pet.

Bringy is sold through Kickstarter with a super early bird price of $45. You can also buy this smart ball in a big batch if you happen to have a troop of dogs.

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