Build and Visually Shape Your Ideas with This Intuitive and Fun to Use Software

Diagrams can elevate your creative process and presentations. Edraw is here to help you build professional-looking diagrams.
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Created: 7/24/2019

“Thou shalt have great diagrams and charts in your presentation.” This has become the unspoken law of the land when it comes to presentations. Think about it. The right colorful diagram can not only easily convey an idea but can help better engage the audience you are presenting to that day.

Whether it was at school, working on your first presentation or as a junior at your first job at an agency, you probably learned very quickly that great presentations need strong visuals; too many words can be an immediate turn-off; we can’t help it, we are visual creatures. 

If you are a veteran in the game, you know that the right colorful chart or visual can take even the most mundane idea and make it exciting. If you have not picked up on it already, diagrams serve specific purposes in the realms of both the classroom and the corporate world.  


First and foremost, diagrams help communicate the big picture, secondly, the right creative visuals help communicate the essence of your ideas, communicate the complexity of a concept, and finally make a process or goal more tangible for both an audience and even for you. So, now you want to add a few impressive diagrams in your presentation, but how does one bring that vision to life? 

Recently, we came across Edraw Max on the search for a program that could add a little flash to some of our presentations. Unfortunately, not all of us are graphically inclined or let alone have the time or energy to create the perfect flow chart, infographic, or floor plan for a presentation, let alone have the time. Yet, Edraw Max stepped up to assist those of us who are graphically impaired, or just too busy. 

Getting Introduced to Edraw Max 

For the uninitiated, Edraw Max is a cross-platform diagram software for the creation of flow charts, mind maps, organizational charts, network diagrams, and floor plans with an extensive gallery of templates, and icons. 

How extensive? Upon opening Edraw Max, you can find 260 plus diagrams to help bring your vision to life; literally, almost anything that you can think of across a host of presentation scenarios. 

Available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux, this was the first thing we noticed upon opening the software. You are minimally greeted by the software’s host of choices for your set task. There are colorful, professional-looking templates that are themed, ranging from engineering to industrial automation, science and, even a fashion theme. 

Getting Well-Acquainted with Edraw Max 

Build and Visually Shape Your Ideas with This Intuitive and Fun to Use Software
Source: Edraw

Like other Wondershare products, Edraw Max is minimally presented and is relatively easy to navigate. At first, it was a bit overwhelming, as there are tons of options for both templates and icons as well as the countless ways you can edit your diagram. 

However, this is nothing like photoshop, where you will need to spend countless hours or learning all the tips and tricks just to knock out basic tasks and get the most out of the program. 

Put it this way, if you have ever used anything in the Microsoft Office Suite or in Google Documents you will easily be able to navigate your way through the software and use it with ease. Nevertheless, just like these programs, there is a lot of hidden depth to the Edraw Max program. Even more so, if you need a little push, Edraw has a host of tutorials on youtube to get you started. 

Speaking of Microsoft, Edraw Max is directly competing with the designing and documenting program Microsoft Visio. Though there are other competitors in town, Edraw Max is a direct competitor to Visio. However, upon using both Edraw Max left a better impression on us, giving us the feeling that we have more options for our presentations on hand. 

Build and Visually Shape Your Ideas with This Intuitive and Fun to Use Software
Source: Edraw

Even more so, we definitely appreciate Edraw Max’s UI much more and believe it is better suited for the average everyday user, yet it retains just enough depth that anyone transitioning over from Visio would be more than satisfied.

Nevertheless, another attractive feature of Edraw Max is the fact that it is fully integrated into Microsoft Office. This allows you to take your amazing creations and easily add them to drawings. Nevertheless, do not worry, you can easily add or share your diagram to a host of presentation platforms. 

Now when we say that there is a host of features for just about everybody, we mean it. Edraw Max offers full vector graphics solutions to users, real-time previews, 2000+ clip art, excellent hyperlink support, simple drag and drop capabilities, auto object alignment and a sleek easy to use interface just to name a few. 

 Diving Further into Edraw Max

Edraw Max is comprised of Edraw Infographic, Org Charting, Edraw Project, P&ID Designer,  Floor Plan Maker, Edraw Online Viewer, and Office Viewer Component. Each of these serves a very specific purpose. With each tool, you can create infographics, build data-interactive organizational charts, manage and track your projects, choose the right symbols, create a floor plan and share files, respectively.

Build and Visually Shape Your Ideas with This Intuitive and Fun to Use Software
Source: Edraw

Another one of our favorite features is Mind Map Maker. Probably structuring your ideas is just as important as presenting them, offering you a good amount of clarity. Mind Map Maker also offers a host of icons, 22 layout options, 33 designs, and well over 700 stylish clip arts, the perfect tool when knocking out ideas.

You get all of this at a fraction of the price of what competitors might offer you. Speaking of the price Edraw Max offers a host of options for students, professionals, and corporations. Prices are based on what you want from the program as well as the number of licenses that you may want. Prices start at $99.95 for just one license while if you need 100+ licenses they will cost you $74.95 each. 

The Verdict

Build and Visually Shape Your Ideas with This Intuitive and Fun to Use Software
Source: Edraw

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the potential ways Edraw Max could better our idea creation process as well as exploring those ways these ideas could be presented. The software is perfect for students looking to make an impression on a final project, and the agency looking to make the right impression on a client.  

 In short, the tools and features offered in the Edraw Max are more than enough to tackle any task at hand. Even more so, you are going to have a hard time trying to beat that price, as some similar programs are not only less initiative but can cost a small fortune if you are not a business. 

Edraw Max is intuitive, and dare we say fun to use. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but also a fair share of money. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but once everything kicks-in and you start creating, you will be amazed at all the engaging things you can bring to life with the software. 

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