Build Your Own Drones with Airblock

Unimpressed with other drones on the market? Design and program your own drone or hovercraft with Makeblock's Airblock system.
Shelby Rogers

Unimpressed with any current drones on the market? Build your own drone with Makeblock's Airblock.

Airblock systems are the high-tech LEGO pieces we've all craved. The magnetic, modular parts piece together to form the drone or hovercraft of your dreams. Want to get creative? The pieces can even be linked together in unique contraptions to fit your needs.

Source: Makeblock

The modular blocks are replaceable and made from engineered plastic foam. The shock-absorbing material allows your less-skilled family and friends to control the drone worry-free.

Source: Makeblock

Jasen Wang, the founder of the startup, said teaching students science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) content lies at the heart of what Makeblock does.

“A STEM education has always been our beat and passion. People have this notion that coding can only be done on computers in a room, but coding can be done anywhere. We wanted to show this through our Airblock drone -- that you can build it code it and see it physically come to life within minutes and all from the palm of your hand. You also learn to be creative when you DIY.”

The drone is controlled via the Airblock app, which allows users a simple coding interface to program their creations. The app connects via Bluetooth and will be available on both iOS and Android.


You can preorder your Airblock today through Makeblock's Kickstarter page. The kids start at $99, which is relatively cheap given the price point for most other drones its size.


  • 6 minutes of flight time
  • 10 meters at flight height
  • 1.5 m/s
  • 140 g weight
  • The hovercraft hovers 8 minutes, travels at 2.5 m/s, and weighs 200 g.
Airblock takes over land, sky and water (PRNewsFoto/Makeblock Co., Ltd.)
Source: Makeblock

For more information about Makeblock's other products and robotics, visit their website here.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news about the company's innovative gadgets.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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