Bulletproof CouchBunker Doubles as a Gun Safe

Trevor English
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couch bunker[Image Source: BedSafe]

Next time you sit down on your couch to watch a movie, you can rest assured that there is an entire arsenal of firepower right underneath you, and the cushions are bulletproof.  Called the CouchBunker, this ultimate couch contains a large gun safe below the seat cushions as well as being lined with bulletproof material. Gun safes are great and all, but if you aren't near one when an attack takes place, then you are out of luck. Not to mention, finding yourself without a place to take cover isn't good either. From the makers of  the BedBunker comes this new tactical couch, available in an array of designs and colors.

blue couch gun[Image Source: BedSafe]

The gun safe you can find in the base of the couch is enough for 30 rifles and handguns, you know, in case world war three breaks out in your living room. Furniture like this is only for the extreme gun lover, and one that needs that extra level of comfort knowing that their couch doubles as body armor.

If you were hoping to get your hands on this piece of furniture for cheap, it's time to walk away. Base models start at just over US$5,000 and luxury leather models go all the way over US$10,000. Although, when you consider you are getting the most awesome gun safe tucked away in a bulletproof tactical couch, the price seems a little more worth it. In the video below, the makers of the CouchBunker demonstrate a cushions ability to stop 40 caliber bullets from point blank range.


While the market for this specialty couch is slim, those who do see the need will shell out thousands of dollars just to have a couch this cool. We could spend all day debating the need for this couch, but let's just appreciate it in all of its awesome secret agent glory.

bullet proof couch[Image Source: BedSafe]

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