Camp Stove Turning Fire Into Electric and Charging Your Devices by Fire

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Imagine that you are camping with your friends, grilling sausage, bacon, or boiling water on fire for your coffee. Normally, you resign yourself to a trip knowing your phone (and backup battery pack) will die. However, one company lets you charge your phone using your campfire.

This camp stove takes a stove one step further than just grilling meat. The creators have designed the BioLite BaseCamp to reach 'Energy Everywhere'.

BioLite BaseCamp Stove is a nature-friendly energy solution that uses wood instead of fossil fuels and turning fire into electric. By burning only small cut of fallen branches, it creates an elevated cooking fire. It heats, cooks, and starts charging in around 10 minutes.

biolite[Image Source : Biolite /Instagram ]

How it works

The BaseCamp converts heat into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator housed within the orange power pack located on the side of the body. This is where converted electricity powers a fan that blows air back into the burn chamber for improved combustion. The rest of the electricity gets sent to a USB port that allows you to charge your devices.

biolite5[Image source: BaseCamp]

Charging Capabilities

BaseCamp not only produces electricity while on fire. It also includes an in-house battery that gives you a chance to charge your devices without the need for a live fire. For charging when the stove isn't in use, pressing the power button activates the USB port and shows the battery charge status by level indicators.

biolite2[Image source: BaseCamp]

Fire into electric

The power pack puts out 5W of electricity via by a regular 5V USB port. It's compatible with many everyday devices like tablets, smartphones, GoPro, GPS devices, or even headlamps. Besides, LED indicator dashboard lets you see how hot the fire is, and optimize your charging process as well.

biolite[Image source: BaseCamp]

According to designers of the BioLite, they kept three core things in their mind that are group access, usability, and portability. Thus the BioLite has been designed easy to carry, and stylish as well:

"Our founders, Jonathan and Alec, met at Smart Design in New York City where they quickly bonded over their interest in sustainable design. Alec frustrated that almost all efficient camping stoves required fossil fuels, had the idea of a wood-burning stove able to utilize its own thermal energy to improve combustion. Jonathan, an avid camper, quickly brought his engineering background to the table and the two began the design process. Countless nights, weekends, and prototypes later, the BioLite BaseCamp was born: a portable biomass stove that leveraged thermoelectrics to create a smokeless fire all while charging personal devices."

biolite4[Image source: BaseCamp]

BaseCamp offers an eco-friendly solution for family camps, where the youngsters complain about being of battery. It also works in a pinch if you desperately need to charge any extra gear you could need for your safety.

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Via BioLite

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