You Can Now Take Your 3D Printer Everywhere with this Backpack

Trevor English

portable 3D printer[Image Source: Ultimaker]

If you are really into 3D printing and need a way to take your printer everywhere, one company is making a backpack that carries around all of your gear. While it may just look like a bulky box, it is the first way to transport 3D printers without having to find some makeshift carrying mechanism. Ultimaker, the manufacturer of the Ultimaker 3D printer has made the backpack which costs around $69 to bring 3D printing to any place you travel.

backpack printer[Image Source: Ultimaker]

The designers saw a need from many makers who constantly had to move their 3D printer and had absolutely no way of doing it effectively. Many are going to question the need for a backpack 3D printer, but apparently, there are people who transport the devices back and forth to work each day.I suppose buying a cheap carrying case is better than shelling out the cash for 2 printers. You can check out the video below for some of the people who desperately needed a carrying case for their Ultimaker printer.

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