Capture Every Moment of Your Baby with Invidyo Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a versatile baby monitor, this might be your best fit.
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Created: 11/24/2020

Although the risk of coronavirus is still around, offices and schools have already opened and the majority of people have to leave their houses to go with the flow. And one thing is for sure: Parents who have just had a new baby will need a way to keep an eye on their child when they leave the house for work. Hiring a babysitter might seem like a must-do, but if you are still missing your child and wondering about your baby all day, what you need is just a proper baby monitor.

Capture Every Moment of Your Baby with Invidyo Baby Monitor
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What is a baby monitor and why is it indispensable for parents?

Basically, baby monitors are devices that allow parents to see and hear their babies when they are not around. Babies, like many other creatures' infants, are one of the most vulnerable beings in the world, which makes them need constant care and attention. Therefore parents usually tend to be anxious about their newborn and it is quite unlikely to come across a parent who is not interested in their baby's health and comfort. Naturally, parenting comes with its instincts. Whether the babies are right next to them or sleeping upstairs, most parents worry about their well-being. So it's only natural that they rely on baby monitors to make sure their babies are safe.

It is not only for safety measurements that the parents depend on baby monitors but also, they miss their babies and want to witness every moment to remember these good old times that will only come once in a lifetime. However, not all the monitors offer these means and choosing a baby monitor that can check all the boxes can be quite hard. If only there were a device that let parents leave their babies at home with peace of mind while also providing them with great images and moments so that they will not feel like they are missing out on anything.

Well, today must be your lucky day because Invidyo baby monitor is here to end your search! This easy set-up monitor with dazzling features will conquer the hearts of every parent. If you are wondering what makes this product so special, let's take a closer look at this product and its features.


What differentiates Invidyo Baby Monitor from other baby monitors? 

Capture Every Moment of Your Baby with Invidyo Baby Monitor
Source: Invidyo/Amazon

Daily Highlight Video Display

Thinking about the things you may have missed about your baby’s day can drag you down and affect your motivation, but thanks to Invidyo baby monitor you will have nothing to worry about. This monitor has daily 2-minute highlight video displays allowing you to quickly see the important events of the day, such as when the baby has laughed, smiled, or cried. 

Smile Detection

With its artificial intelligence-based smile detection feature, you will not miss a single moment of your baby! It captures your baby's smile, laughter with its 1080P full HD camera and saves these moments so you can still collect memories even if you are not around.

Cloud Storage and Data Protection

Invidyo saves these moments in its cloud and you can share your favorite memories by using Invidyo mobile app. Also, thanks to 256-bit data protection, you do not need to worry about your personal information getting leaked. 

Facial Recognition 

Finding a trustworthy nanny that can get along well with your baby is also hard. Even if you did find one, it is perfectly understandable to have a desire to keep an eye on them just in case. At the end of the day, you are leaving your precious baby and your home with a possible stranger, and wondering if they bring guests or let strangers play with your kids can be nerve-racking.

With this baby monitor in your home, there is no need to worry because you will get mobile alerts whenever a stranger is seen close to the baby thanks to the monitor’s artificial intelligence-based facial recognition feature. You can also save the faces in the monitor’s memory to avoid false alarms such as a visiting relative or a tutor.

Two-way Microphone and Speaker

Sometimes nothing except a mother's voice is enough to calm a baby down. Compatible with iPhone, Android, and also Alexa, you can talk to your baby from your mobile and soothe him/her. Plus, equipped with a two-way mic and speaker, the baby monitor allows you to hear your baby's talk too.  

Capture Every Moment of Your Baby with Invidyo Baby Monitor
Source: Invidyo/Amazon

Cry Analysis 

What's more, the Invidyo baby monitor will help you understand your baby’s mood better thanks to its crying analysis. When your baby cries, the monitor automatically detects and records it and, provides you with the data such as how many times your baby cried per day, for how long s/he cried, and the longest crying time.

It delivers daily and weekly averages of all the recorded data so you can get a picture of how your baby’s mood has changed during the week.

Temperature Measurement

The monitor measures room temperature as well, so you can know better if your baby is just having a good time at the right temperature even if you cannot feel it.


Do not worry that you will get notified for every small movement or sound, the monitor is designed to differentiate a baby’s cry or discomfort from the other sounds. You can customize the sensitivity of these alerts according to your preferences as well. This product is indeed designed to lift the burden off of your shoulders and not to add more on them.

Recording and Night Vision

The baby monitor sends notifications to your smartphone when it detects motion or sound. It is not limited to that though. The notifications include a video of the corresponding event, so you can look back and see what happened. Thanks to its night vision feature, you will be able to see everything in detail even if there is no light.

Capture Every Moment of Your Baby with Invidyo Baby Monitor
Source: Invidyo/Amazon

Wide-angle View  

Having a remote pan and tilt feature, Invidyo baby monitor will enable you to see the entire room unlike the others in the market. You can control the pan remotely from your phone and adjust it according to your preference. With its wide-angle lens, you will not need any additional accessories to monitor your baby with peace of mind. 

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