Capture Memories Hands Free with New Hover Camera Passport

Passport Hover Camera offers a hands-free way to chronicle exciting adventures. Lightweight and tiny, Passport follows you wherever you roam.
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The Hover Camera Passport allows users to chronicle their adventures, hands-free.

Zero Zero Robotics developed a Passport to be an easy solution to a traveler's needs. The camera almost serves as your own personal camera crew. It doesn’t require a selfie stick or attachment to capture videos. (There's nothing stranger than watching a friend's Go-Pro footage and not seeing their forearm in the frame the whole time.)


Hover Camera Passport includes a 13-megapixel camera and 4K video. The camera auto-follows users by tracking their face and maintaining it throughout a shot. Passport also comes equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization.

Carbon fiber wings fully enclose the propellers, meaning it's both safe and sturdy. The camera is also lightweight, only half a pound and light enough to avoid the FAA's limit for mandatory drone registration.

Source: Zero Zero Robotics

The folding wings make Passport extremely portable and much lighter than its drone competition. When folded up, Passport is roughly the size of a VHS cassette tape.

Source: Zero Zero Robotics

The camera also easily turns itself around for panorama shots in 360 Pano mode. Users control the Passport system via an app. Simply connect to the mini-drone's Wi-Fi hotspot and you're good to go.

Meng Qiu Wang founded Zero Zero Robotics with the intent of pioneering the future of smart, flying robots. Passport is the world's first truly autonomous flying camera, according to Wang. The Beijing-based startup, valued at $150 million, looks to make the most out of a resurgence in unmanned flying robotics.

Source: Zero Zero Robotics

“Imagine an autonomous ground vehicle being paired up with a drone so you have eyes in the sky, which do all the mapping and task-finding,” Wang said in an interview with Bloomberg.

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Passport isn't the only camera on the market with auto-director and auto-follow features. The web-streaming Mevo Camera allows users to stand in front of the camera while the system edits footage for users. However, unlike Passport, Mevo remains grounded.


From driverless cars to advances in software, Artificial Intelligence finds its way into a number of different markets. And for now, AI technology is a hot sell with any product.

“We have reasonable evidence that we’ll be able to ship at least 200,000 to 300,000 units within the first 12 months,” Wang said. He noted that heavy success would require another investment strategy to raise money to cover manufacturing costs.

The passport will be on sale for $599 USD. But if you order now, within the first two weeks, you can get $50 off your purchase...

To keep up with release dates, you can follow Hover Camera on Facebook.

Via Zero Zero Robotics

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