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Car safety has come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years but technology such as lane change assistance and collision warnings are only found in new cars. Unfortunately, if you have a car that is over a few years old you don’t have access to any of the latest tech. Well actually now you do as CarVi aims to bring that new technology to older cars.

carvi-driver-assist-retrofit-3[Image Source: CarVi]

CarVi is a project currently raising funds for production and it comes in the form of a black disc that you can fit to any car windscreen. It is 100mm across and 35mm in height and it rests just below the rear view mirror courtesy of an adhesive bracket. It features a camera of 720p resolution along with microphone, speaker, WiFi and a three axis accelerometer. The WiFi allows the unit to connect to any smartphone.

carvi-driver-assist-retrofit-0[Image Source: CarVi]

As you drive along down the road the camera records footage of what's happening in front of the car and then analyses it and gives real time information which gives the driver assistance. One example is that if the system feels that your car is wandering too close to the vehicle in front it will sound an alert. The same alert will sound if the system detects that your car is veering out of the lane and if you are not indicating.

The CarVi system will also keep track of your driving skills and build up a report. It takes notice of the way you drive and pays attention to things such as hard braking and jackrabbit starts which will then trigger driving tips to help you drive smoother and more efficiently.


[Image Source: CarVi]

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The forward watch collision warnings along with the system being a dashboard camera are very useful, perhaps more useful than when it is nagging you about your driving skills. Your entire trip or just the last minute of it can be saved at the push of one button, so it could come in handy should you be in an accident that wasn't your fault.

Of course the CarVi system isn't as good as the safety technology that is being fitted to new cars, however, if you have an old car that you don’t want to part with it does give you a glimpse of some of the modern technology without going to the expense of getting a new car. The developers of the system say that it will work in about 95% of vehicles and it is compatible with both iOS and Android.


[Image Source: CarVi]

CarVi is raising funds on Indiegogo and it has already met half of the $100,000 target. The minimum amount that you can pledge to pick one up is $274 and if all goes to plan the company will start shipping the technology in August.


[Image Source: CarVi]

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