CEO ChatGPT? In a world first, AI chatbot to helm company

CS India, a company that empowers the youth, made the 'groundbreaking decision' to appoint ChatGPT as the CEO to oversee growth.
Deena Theresa
CS India appointed ChatGPT as their new CEO.
CS India appointed ChatGPT as their new CEO


Recently, a U.S. PR and digital marketing firm integrated two new interns into their team. The revelation? Aiko and Aiden were not real people; they were creations of artificial intelligence, the world's first AI interns.

One Indian company decided to take it up a notch. Chhatra Sansad, or CS India, an organization dedicated to empowering India's youth through development and leadership, decided to appoint ChatGPT as their CEO, India's News18 reported.

You heard it right. The AI disruptor that has taken over our lives ever since its launch more than two months ago is now at the helm of a company. Famous for having an answer to almost everything, breaking down complex subjects, composing poems, writing stories and code, generating ideas from scratch, and clearing the US Medical exam, OpenAI's AI chatbot ChatGPT has ensured that our lives will never be the same again.

CS India is likely to be the first and only organization to make the 'groundbreaking decision' to appoint an AI bot as the CEO in the real world. In an American science fiction drama series 'Raised By Wolves,' a settlement was run by an AI supercomputer known as "The Trust."

ChatGPT will be a 'critical partner' in the company's mission

Kunal Sharma, the founder of CS India, said that ChatGPT would oversee the daily operations of CS India and drive the organization's growth and expansion.

"ChatGPT is the perfect candidate to lead our organization in this mission, as its advanced language processing capabilities and ability to analyze vast amounts of data make it well-suited to drive our efforts to empower the youth of India through leadership and development," Sharma said.

"ChatGPT will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of CS India and driving the organization’s growth and expansion. ChatGPT will use its advanced language processing skills to analyze market trends, identify new impact opportunities, and develop strategies to enhance the leadership and development of young people in India," the founder explained.

According to the organization, it has a long-standing commitment to providing young people with the right tools and resources they need to become effective leaders - ChatGPT will be a "critical partner" in this mission.

ChatGPT is not without its problems. Turns out, like humans, the chatbot can err too. However, the move is a big leap in the field of AI and a harbinger of what a world with ChatGPT would look like.

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