CES 2023: A truly wireless TV with rechargeable batteries and vacuum lock

The panel can be controlled using hand gestures and also offers facial recognition.
Jijo Malayil
Smart TV concept
Smart TV concept


Imagine a TV with no wires. No, we are not talking about the usual smart panels. Displace, an in-home entertainment startup, is all set to debut the world's first truly wireless TV at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 in Las Vegas on January 3. The 55" OLED panel also features a 4K camera and Wi-Fi 6E.

The firm's novel TVs have a proprietary hot-swappable battery system and weigh under 20 lbs (9 kilograms). The system uses a proprietary active-loop vacuum technology, enabling it to be transportable and "can be easily secured to any surface with no mounting required," according to a press release

According to the firm, such TVs are part of its vision to advance the versatility of such screens, allowing users to utilize them in multiple ways. "To achieve this vision, it's important to re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes. By realizing this vision, Displace is effectively creating the next computing platform, and the potential applications are limitless." said founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan. 

How such TVs can be moved effortlessly

Multiple rechargeable batteries, which can be taken out individually, power the TVs from Displace. Using its hot-swappable battery system, the TVs are designed to remain fully operational when a set of batteries are out for charge. "Each Displace TV averages about a month of total battery life for an average usage of six hours of active TV time per day."

The active-loop vacuum technology ensures that the TVs can be mounted to a wall with a slight push, with the system sticking onto it using a vacuum lock. 

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Taking accessibility to a different level

To aid accessibility, the firm has ensured that users can easily access content using their hands. Displace TVs also support touch and voice interfaces. "Users simply push with their palm to play; pinch to zoom in or out; or reach out and grab what's on the TV and throw it onto another Displace TV in the home."

The system also uses facial recognition and computer vision technology to allow content to move from "one Displace TV to another when the user moves between rooms via proprietary computer vision technology." For privacy concerns, a switch on top of the TVs enables users to turn off the feature if not required. A base unit, which needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, links all such TVs wirelessly in a building to ensure seamless connectivity. 

The 55" models can be used as a single display in a home, or two of such screens could be combined to form multiple sizes, including a massive 110" 16K television.

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