Shark breaking through, dinosaur roaring: These hologram screens bring 3D visuals to life

Showcase holograms displayed a range of new holographic products at CES 2023.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Showcase hologram's frame..png
Showcase hologram's frame.

Showcase holograms 

Showcase holograms was present at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displaying their many new products. Most notably, the company unveiled last year at CES 2022 the world’s first hologram PCs.

“Last year at CES 2022, we debuted our hologram PCs under our former company name, Showcase PC. We listened to the feedback we received and developed a new Hologram Side Panel kit which allows anyone to turn their normal PC into a hologram PC,” Andrew Kuhlman, CEO, and co-founder of Showcase Holograms told Interesting Engineering (IE) in an email.

Hologram PCs allow any regular old PC to be transformed into an exciting computer that features holograms on its screens. The images pop out at you creating a mesmerizing 3D effect.

A new and exciting line of products

Now, for 2023, Showcase holograms have introduced a new line of products. First up is a hologram PC side panel. It fits nearly any PC case transforming into a visual celebration.

A video showcases a shark breaking through the side panel and a dinosaur roaring through the screen. Next up is an inside-out frame. It goes on any wall and displays 3D sharp images that escape from the frame for the ultimate decoration.

Mount it on your wall and watch it transform any boring old space into an entertainment hub. Want to have a 3D experience on your desk or night table?

The small hologram frame fits anywhere and displays all the same holographic features as Showcase hologram’s other products. 

The hologram display box is transparent with a LED base creating an incredible 3D effect. Hologram clocks tell the time using 3D screens. The hour and minute indicators can be in the shape of numbers or even dice.   

A shark and an illustration of the planet can be seen on screens that display the time. Finally, the company even has hologram wireless speakers, holograms for kids, business hologram kits and wearable holograms.

New developments underway

Holographic technology has been around for a while and in recent years has seen some major advancements. In March of 2021, MIT researchers developed a new way to produce holograms thanks to a deep learning-based method that works so efficiently that it cuts down the computational power need in an instant.

"People previously thought that with existing consumer-grade hardware, it was impossible to do real-time 3D holography computations," explained at the time Liang Shi, the study’s lead author and a Ph.D. student in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. "It’s often been said that commercially available holographic displays will be around in 10 years, yet this statement has been around for decades."

To accomplish that, the researchers used deep learning to accelerate computer-generated holography, allowing for real-time hologram generation.