ChatGPT helps bring metaverse's "live forever" mode closer to reality

If you haven’t developed a coping mechanism for deeply human and heart-shattering experiences of grief and loss, Metaverse has something for you.
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As per the recent claims made by the founder of Somnium Space, a top metaverse company, the launch of ChatGPT has accelerated the process of making one of his most ambitious and eccentric projects real.

"The AI is growing at an extremely fast pace," Artur Sychov, the CEO of Somnium Space, whose organization at present is working to develop a "Live Forever" mode for robot avatars in its "virtual reality world," told Motherboard.

"Honestly, it is progressing at a much faster pace than everyone's expectations." 

As per its theory, Somnium Space's upcoming "Live Forever" feature is pretty streamlined. With the help of a collection of personal data, the company will be able to create a digital "you," which will tend to be immortal in the hallowed metaverse halls of the company.  

You'll virtually be there, forever 

ChatGPT helps bring metaverse's "live forever" mode closer to reality
Representation of two avatars in virtual reality.

You can now pass away peacefully, knowing that your descendants and loved ones will still be able to interact with the digitized version of you. Hence, never let you fade away from their memories. This concept may not bless you with physical immortality, but it will keep you alive in the digital world.  

Earlier, Sychov told Motherboard "Live Forever" was expected to take at least five years to get launched. As per Motherboard, now Sychov has shortened the launch date by at least two years, all thanks to the efforts of OpenAI. The company's interactive chatbot has seemingly pushed the project into hyperdrive, even providing a detailed guide of the bot that would be integrated into the border landscape of Somnium Space's digital world once installed in a robot avatar of the game.  

The robots are already interactive 

Sychov had a conversation with an AI-Powered avatar over a Zoom call in front of a reporter on Motherboard. Some of the robot's answers were petty rote – "How can I help you today? Hello there, I'm doing well." – it was even able to give a description of the lobby and what it observed around it ("Around me, I can see a variety of people exploring the lobby, a bar, some arcade games, a wide selection of drivable vehicles, and a beautiful view of Earth from Space.”) When Sychov asked the robot how his digital avatar looked, it responded, "Your avatar looks absolutely amazing. You look very fashionable."

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