ChatGPT's insane powerful searches could be coming to your smartphone soon

It is also looking at a possible investment from Microsoft.
Ameya Paleja
Representation of OpenAI's ChatGPT app.
Representation of OpenAI's ChatGPT app.

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OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research company, is building an iOS app powered by its globally popular chatbot ChatGPT which helps users search for answers using an iMessage like interface. A beta version of the app is being tested currently, and a demo version was shared on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT made global news for its ease of answering even complex questions in a conversational manner. The algorithm that powers the chatbot, GPT3.5 is built by Open AI and is trained to learn what humans mean when they ask a question.

The algorithm uses large language models to predict what words will come next and uses human feedback to follow directions and provide responses that are satisfactory. It is this ability of ChatGPT that makes it a threat to the search engine business of Google.

ChatGPT as a native app

As per the revelations made by Jason Calacanis, entrepreneur, investor, and more recently known for being one of the people in Elon Musk's inner circle at Twitter, OpenAI's future app currently has a search function and a thread history that can be seen in the samples released so far.

These features could help herald a future where one can have an indexed search history of all communication done with ChatGPT in the past and more importantly through an app on your smartphone. No more trying to remember what keywords you have used to get specific results or rummaging through browser history to recall a webpage.

OpenAI is really taking on Google's dominance in search and looks poised to become the top choice among internet users in the near future.

Backed by money from Microsoft

OpenAI which started as a non-profit organization to research AI also has a for-profit wing called OpenAI LP which operates as a software company and can sell products and services researched and developed at the organization.

According to a Reuters report, Microsoft Corp., is now looking to invest $10 billion into Open AI, taking the company's valuation to $29 billion. Neither OpenAI nor Microsoft responded to Reuters' request for comments but the funding round which was due to be completed by 2022 also involves venture capital firms such as Thrive Capital and Founders Fund.

Microsoft which has previously invested a billion dollars in OpenAI could end up getting as much as 75 percent of the OpenAI's profits once the AI company figures out how to make money from its technology. The company's AI-based image creation toolDALL-E is another avenue of income but this arrangement is expected to stay until Microsoft recoups its investment.

Following this, Microsoft is expected to own a 49 percent stake in Open AI with other investors taking another 49 percent stake, while the remaining two percent will be owned by the non-profit organization.

Microsoft is also looking to boost its Bing search engine popularity by powering search results using ChatGPT's algorithm. The company is hopeful that conversational replies will lure people away from Google. The move, however, is expected to happen in a few months from now.

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