A Chevrolet dealership now produces 1 GWh of energy from its new solar plant

The 730 kW rooftop assembly has over 2,000 panels, producing enough energy to power 750 homes.
Jijo Malayil
Dimmitt Chevrolet's solar plant
Dimmitt Chevrolet's solar plant


In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and promote greener sources of energy, a Chevrolet dealership in the United States has installed a 730 kW rooftop solar plant.  

Dimmitt Chevrolet in Florida, a 100-year-old establishment, has activated the array consisting of over 2,000 panels, which is expected to generate over one gigawatt of electricity per year.

The facility makes it one of the largest solar installations for an automobile dealership recorded till now. 

A transition that helps offset 156 metric tons of emissions 

The solar installation will help the dealership generate an annual output that is equivalent to the energy required to power over 750 homes and will offset about 156 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The dealership is expected to be powered 100% by solar energy, and with the help of the U.S. federal tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, the capital invested to set up the plant will be covered by energy savings in just under five years.

"This is a major step towards our goal of becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business," said Lawrence Dimmitt III, the owner of Dimmitt Chevrolet, in a media release.

The solar installation was done in association with ESA – a firm focused on providing clean energy solutions for enterprises. 

The increasing number of EVs warrants a move to more sustainable sources of energy 

As the automotive world is quickly transitioning towards EVs, cleaner energy sources are the need of the hour for auto dealers to offset the cost of sustaining the infrastructure required to maintain their fleet. Customized solar programs will help businesses to maximize available tax credits and incentives while generating an immediate return on capital.

"The Dimmitt enterprise is an example of an entrepreneurial leader in the franchised auto dealership space that saw the opportunity to put capital to work, and hedge against increasing electric rates while reducing tax liability," said Morgan Brawner, EVP of ESA.

As the market share of EVs grows in the coming years, leveraging solar to offset 100% of energy needs will prove to be critical for businesses. 

The dealership now has over 20 electric vehicle charging stations. "As we continue to add more EV options for customers, our electricity use will continue to go up. It just makes sense to invest in clean energy," said Dimmitt III.

The transition is just one example of the growing trend toward clean energy in the United States. As more businesses recognize the benefits of transitioning to solar power, we can expect to see similar installations across the country. 

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