First-ever chicken fitness tracker tells you how active the animals are

The devices capture the activity levels of chickens and proceed to print them onto the eggs before they are packaged for sale.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Free range, healthy brown organic chickens.
Free range, healthy brown organic chickens.

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Fit chickens make for healthy eggs. Now an Australian egg company has engineered an innovation to track exactly how healthy chickens are.

Honest Eggs Co has launched the first-ever fitness tracker specifically designed for chickens called FitChix, according to a report by The Drum published on Tuesday.

The devices capture the activity levels of chickens and proceed to print them onto the eggs before they are packaged for sale.

Roger Boyd, general manager of Honest Eggs Co. told The Drum the trackers will aim to improve egg farming.

“We launched FitChix to help monitor the health of our chooks and to continue to bring attention to why regenerative farming is better for the hens, the egg, the land, the farmer, and the community. In an extremely confusing category, Honest Eggs Co. is an easy choice as it is the one you can count on, to be honest, and transparent about the way we farm.”

Based on a school project

The company’s website states that co-founders Paul and Jacqui Righetti drew inspiration for the project from a school project completed by their daughter. 

Now, FitChix has ambitious plans to appear in OLV, OOH, Social, and in-store to aid in informing consumers on the importance of sustainable, regenerative farming practices. FitChix was developed by Honest Eggs Co's creative agency VMLY&R in collaboration with Airbag.

Jake Barrow, group executive creative director of VMLY&R said the egg farming industry is difficult to navigate. That’s why education is so important.

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“The egg category is a minefield of naming conventions, all designed to sound like the chickens are getting a pretty good deal. The reality is often otherwise. Right through from product, to campaign, to transaction point, FitChix is an innovation that delivers irrefutable proof that the chickens at Honest Eggs farms live a free and healthy life. So, make sure your next carbonara is an Honest one!” Barrow told The Drum.

Meanwhile, Paul Righetti said on his company’s website that his farms are all about transparency.

"When you've got nothing to hide, life feels good. We are committed to 100 percent transparency in how we work our farms. That means you can come and visit and ask questions, and we won't BS you. Real farm, real chooks, real farmers,” stated the fourth-generation farmer.

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