China claims its next-gen radar detects all air threats, including stealth fighters

This system is claimed to be capable of spotting and tracking cruise missiles, drones, helicopters, stealth aircraft, and loitering weapons.
Baba Tamim
Representational image: China's Active Phased Array Radar.
Representational image: China's Active Phased Array Radar.

LONG WEI / Feature China/Future Publishing via Getty Images  

Beijing's leading provider of defense electronics, China Electronics Technology Group Corp., is promoting its new-generation radar system that can allegedly fend off almost all air threats in modern combat. 

The YLC-16 multipurpose S-band radar system uses cutting-edge technologies such as an all-digital, fully solid active phased array, sophisticated processors, and other cutting-edge components, according to a report by state-affiliated China Daily on Saturday. 

"It is one of the latest radar models CETC is offering on the international market and is the best three-dimensional, middle-range surveillance radar any buyer now can find on the market," said Tang Ji, a manager at the CETC during the 10th World Radio Detection and Ranging Expo in Beijing.

"Many foreign militaries, like some in Africa and Asia, have expressed strong interest in this radar system and proposed to come to our institute to see the real product and learn more about it," 

This system is claimed to be capable of spotting and tracking cruise missiles, drones, helicopters, stealth aircraft, and loitering weapons. Foreign militaries in Asia and Africa have shown interest in knowing more about the product after drawing attention to it.

The YLC-16 is the top three-dimensional, middle-range surveillance radar system on the market, said Tang Ji, a manager at Nanjing's CETC 14th Institute. 

The radar is sleek-looking, uses little power, and operates with a high degree of stability and dependability. The modular structure also enables remote control and real-time data transmission by optical fiber, microwave, or satellite. 

Foldable antennas and covers on the radar make for easy opening and closing in a matter of minutes.

Multipurpose radar system

The YLC-16 can perform non-military tasks like monitoring air traffic in the civil aviation industry. The GLC-36S active phased array radar, which enables multi-dimensional precise scanning of hazardous weather, was also developed by CETC 14th Institute. 

In order to get information on the intricate inner structure of the weather phenomenon, this also covers typhoons, rainstorms, and thunderstorms. 

The radar's information will increase our ability to track and predict extreme weather, reducing the effect of natural disasters.

China's largest and most influential producer of military radar is Tang's Institute. The new YLC-16 radar system is the most recent offering on the global market, and the items have already been sold to numerous countries. 

The product began field testing in the province of Fujian in December 2021 and is anticipated to draw in more potential customers.

For purchasers looking for sophisticated and dependable surveillance radar systems, the YLC-16 is a great investment because of its cutting-edge technologies and flexible designs. 

Because of its modular construction, which enables remote operation, it can be used in challenging environments such as steep mountains, uninhabited islands, and plateaus.