Chinese EV automaker NIO unveils 150 kWh battery pack

The new solid-state battery can deliver 1,000 km (620 miles) of range on a single charge.
Loukia Papadopoulos
A NIO power charging station.jpg
A NIO power charging station.


It took two and a half years but it’s finally here. Chinese electric vehicle automaker NIO has  implemented a 150 kWh solid-state battery pack in its cars. The solid-state pack is supplied by WeLion and will debut on the upcoming ES6 SUV. Clients in China will be able to select the energy-dense pack as early as this month.

This is according to a report by electrek published this Friday.

The 150 kWh pack features solid-state battery cells configured to the same design of its current lithium-ion cells but can deliver 620 miles (1,000 km) of range on a single charge.

The battery was delayed for such a long time that we were beginning to think it would not happen. However, this past May NIO made a filing with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) stating ambitious plans to sell three existing EV models with expanded battery capabilities provided by solid-state battery developer WeLion.

The company’s new SUV will be the first of those three EVs to offer the 150 kWh solid-state pack and the firm’s customer manual now shares the exact specifications of the new feature.

electrek got the details on the new pack. “NIO’s solid-state pack weighs 575 kg (1,268 lbs), 20 kg (44 lbs or 3.6%) heavier than the 100 kWh packs (555 kg). Additionally, the new pack’s energy density is 261 Wh/kg, 44.44% higher than the 180 Wh/kg the 100 kWh lithium-ion pack is offering,” said the EV news outlet. 

The 150 kWh pack will however maintain the same length, width, and height of the previous 100 kWh version (2,062 mm, 1,539 mm and 185.6 mm, respectively) making it suitable for use on most NIO vehicles.

Meanwhile, NIO’s solid-state battery manufacturer WeLion released a press statement on July 1 revealing that it had officially begun delivering the 150 kWh packs to the EV automaker on June 30. The firms, it said, have also signed an annual order.

The new battery will make for some pretty powerful performances on the company’s traditional cars. electrek further reported that a “NIO chairperson and CEO has shared the ES6 will be able to garner 577 miles (930 km) of range on a single charge with the 150 kWh pack.” That’s not bad! Not bad at all especially for a company that was close to bankruptcy in 2021.

In January of 2021, NIO unveiled its latest electric sedan, the ET7, with ranges of approximately 600 miles (965 km). The move may have saved the company.

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