CHIP is a tiny computer costing just US$9

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CHIP is a small computer from the same people that offered Otto, the camera that captures gifs, and the new computer has a price tag of just US$9 (no we didn't forget another 9). For this price it comes with pretty adequate specs by way of 1 GB processing power, 4 GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

The tiny computer is around the size of a post it note and its designers say it is ready to go. The company behind it have put the project on Kickstarter to raise funds, just as they did with Otto. Along with the computer they are also offering PocketCHIP and this turns the device into a smart device that comes with a touchscreen and a keyboard.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

The designers of CHIP claim that if you already use GUI Linux you can use applications that are pre-installed along with adding on peripherals, playing games and computing just as you would normally do.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

CHIP also comes with its own USB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, headphone jack and microphone port and it is run on a LiPo battery that is attached to the device. The device itself fits neatly on a board that measures just 1.5 inch by 2.3 inch but it’s not enclosed in a case.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

While CHIP doesn’t come in a case, Next Thin Co have designed one that not only holds the tiny computer but which also adds in a full keyboard, a touchscreen of 4.3 inches and a battery of 3.0 MaH which should last for around five hours and goes by the name of the PocketCHIP. You may think you have seen something like this before as it resembles the GameBoy.

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[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

The CHIP has been promised at an incredibly low price and this has been estimated based on the company being able to order a large amount of components and it is looking as though they are going to be able to do so with the amount of pledges they've received already. It uses all open source software and the company plan on launching the design as open source.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

You can pledge US$9 for the CHIP and add on video and battery adapters if you wish. For $49 you get the PocketCHIP case and the CHIP. The company hope to ship the tiny computer in December of this year and the cases in May 2016.


[Image Source: Next Thing Co.]

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