Choosing Classic over Smartwatch, Timex Revives Its Digital '80s Watch

If it was acceptable in the '80s, it's acceptable today.
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There's a saying in fashion that most styles come back around every few decades. When it comes to technology, however, that's not usually the case. Updated and novel are things that come to mind. 

The watchmaker, Timex, has decided to reel it back and blend the old with an updated version. Instead of jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, like so many other watchmakers, Timex has brought back their classic '80s digital watch.

Of course, they've added a few new features, but all in all, it's the good old digital watch we knew back in the day. 


Digital watch in the 21st century

It seems that most people are trying to coordinate all of their devices these days. A smartwatch linked to your smartphone and laptop has become the norm. 

Choosing Classic over Smartwatch, Timex Revives Its Digital '80s Watch
Timex T80 versions. Source: Timex

So when a watchmaker decides to revamp their iconic digital watch from three decades ago, keeping it digital and very much un-linked to any smart devices, it's newsworthy. 

Timex has decided to stick to its guns and keep its watches nice and simple, and have brought back the T80. It has a primitive yet familiar black on gray seven-segment LCD display and time, date, alarm, and stopwatch functions. 

Back in the day, this type of watch was all the rage and probably boast-worthy as the smartwatches of today. Now it is boast-worthy for a different reason — its retro style.

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What's new about the Timex T80?

The price range is between $59 and $65, depending on the color and casing you select. You can bump the price up by $14 if you choose the special Timex X Pac-Man game-inspired version. It certainly adds to the nostalgia. 

Choosing Classic over Smartwatch, Timex Revives Its Digital '80s Watch
One of the Pac-Man T80 options. Source: Timex

The watch doesn't, in fact, allow you to play Pac-Man, but it has graphics surrounding the watch face.

All in all, the Timex T80 watches look great if you're a fan of retro styling and digital watches. 

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