Cicret brings James Bond style touchscreen to your arm

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Wearable devices are the in thing at the moment and the latest kid on the block looking to steal some of the limelight is the Cicret. It puts a touch screen onto the arm of the wearer that would not look out of place in a James Bond movie.


[Image Source: Cicret]

The idea for Cicret came up 12 months ago and over the course of the last 6 months the bracelet has been designed. The Cicret bracelet resembles a similar design to that of the Jawbone Up, being a small and discrete wristband. Inside the band is a Pico projector that is pointing to the forearm of the wearer. It can be used as a standalone device where the wearer can simply flick their wrist and the device will then project Android onto the surface of their skin.


[Image Source: Cicret]

The device features eight proximity sensors and these are able to tell where the fingers of the user are on the skin, allowing them to interact with the interface just as they would do with any other device. There are many advantages to being able to transform any object into a touch screen, in this case the arm.


[Image Source: Cicret]

However at there are some downsides to this type of technology too as touch screens that are projected usually lack visual clarity that the glass touch screens offer and also lack responsiveness. At the moment, this is something that has been plaguing the designers of the Cicret. The keyboard that is projected onto the surface doesn’t offer the best typing experience at the moment. The technology is interesting though and it is going to be good seeing if it can be improved upon.

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[Image Source: Cicret]

The Cicret comes with a vibration module along with accelerometer and LED that give notifications. There is WiFi connection, Bluetooth and Micro USB support and the device is going to be offered in a choice of 16GB and 32GB of storage. Users will be able to send and receive email along with answer calls and use the speakerphone on the connected phone.


[Image Source: Cicret]

Cicret is fund raising so as to be able to develop the bracelet further and hopefully mass produce it (although the current Indiegogo campaign is on hold as they make some changes). It is expected to reach the mass market in around 18 months. The price tag is expected to be in the region of $400 and the first of the prototype devices is nearing completion.


[Image Source: Cicret]

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