Clever Device Teaches Kids How to Manage Money Early

Pigzbe is a digital piggy wallet that teaches kids good money habits.
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Created: 12/25/2018

Whether you have a little or a lot, few would argue that being able to manage money well is important. Research from Cambridge University shows that we learn good – and bad – financial habits as early at 7 years old. 

So getting to grips with how to budget, save and spend money responsibly when you’re young, the logic goes, will prepare you well for adulthood. For most kids, their earliest interactions with money come from pocket money and allowances. 

Clever Device Teaches Kids How to Manage Money Early
Source: Pigzbe

Pigzbe helps kids understand money in the digital era

Do some chores, receive a few coins from Mom and Dad in return. But in an increasingly cashless world, allowances can be a hassle for parents.

Tasks go unrewarded, lessons are lost. Introducing Pigzbe: a digital piggy wallet – not a piggy-bank – that teaches children 6+ good money habits in a digital world. 

Pigzbe is a (very) smart, handheld home for a child’s digital allowances. This physical device is important, say its makers, because it means that the children don’t lose the important kinaesthetic learning that comes from physical coins. 

Clever Device Teaches Kids How to Manage Money Early
Source: Pigzbe

Set tasks and claim rewards

Parents use the Pigzbe app to send allowances, set tasks (like ‘Tidy your room’, ‘Clean the dishes), and reward milestones and the child gets notified on their device.

Rather than everyday money, Pigzbe all runs on a new family-friendly cryptocurrency, Wollo (WLO), making Pigzbe one of the first ever family products built using the blockchain. 

So as well as helping kids get good with money in general, it serves as a safe and secure entry point into the future of money and cryptocurrency too.

When a child reaches a savings goal, they can spend Wollo easily anywhere that takes Visa using our Family Payment Card. 

Clever Device Teaches Kids How to Manage Money Early
Source: Pigzbe

Help your children get educated in a fun and friendly way

Pigzbe is the brainchild of Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Filippo Yacob, Kano computer designer and Pentagram partner Jon Marshall, plus team members ranging from former Apple, Visa, Paypal, and Google employees.

Yacob, in particular, knows his way around the world of educational technology. 

His company Primo Toys is responsible for Cubetto, the wooden friendly robot that teaches children the basics of coding without a screen.

To date, Cubetto is the most crowd-funded edtech invention in history and has introduced over a million children around the world to coding. 

Clever Device Teaches Kids How to Manage Money Early
Source: Pigzbe

Yacob and his team have pooled research with kids, parents, teachers, economists, and product designers, with the aim of making allowances educational for children and stress-free for parents. 

Who knew pocket money was so ripe for disruption? Pigzbe is available now on Kickstarter. Be one of the first to own a Pigzbe by pre-ordering yours now.

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