Cold hands? Not with these gloves!

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If you live near the Equator you won’t be very impressed by such thing, but this item should be appreciated a lot in the northern countries with cold weather and long, harsh winters. It is always a good idea to have gloves on your hands and longer jacket sleeves sometimes when the temperatures fell below -20 degrees C, but in some cases you need something more. So, the reinforcement arrives - Outback Battery Heated Mittens, being the perfect winter accessory whenever you choose to brave the outdoors in winter.

winter gloves[Image Source: Pixabay]

The Outback Battery Heated Mittens work as advertised, supporting a battery pack inside each of the mittens, where they are heated up to 39 degrees Celsius with a single flick of the On/Off switch so that they can power up. The price asked for them is not too high – 27.99 Eur, and everyone knows at least one example of money spent worse. The Outback Battery Heated Mittens will be able to remain warm for up to six hours with a quartet of AA batteries per glove. It would be a good advice to use rechargeable batteries with the Outback Battery Heated Mittens ina long term usage.

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