Colon Cancer Patient Models and 3D Prints His Tumor

The 3D-printed model was made to scale thanks to the measurements and pictures from his doctor.
Fabienne Lang

A young Redditor with colon cancer modeled and 3D-printed his largest tumor, which was made to scale thanks to the measurements and pictures from his doctor. 

SpaceViking0, as the 28-year-old Reddit user goes by, decided to share his 3D-printed tumor on the site, and a surprisingly big number of commenters said they'd done the same with various viruses and diseases. 

From the coronavirus to lymphoma disease and colon cancer, fellow Redditors have 3D-printed their own diseases and either popped googly eyes on them, kept them intact, or smashed them into powder.

This will seem weird. But I'm dealing with Colon Cancer rignt now and I modeled and printed my largest tumor removed from my sigmoid colon. It is to scale from the measurements and pictures from my doctor. from r/3Dprinting

And why not blend a mixture of 3D-printing and coping mechanisms to help relieve some of the frustration that comes from such tough situations?

The general consensus is that SpaceViking0 should print as hollow a version of his tumor as possible, fill it tanarite, and smash it to smithereens. Others recommend filling the hollowed-out version with black powder and melting it to oblivion using acetone or regular fire. As the original Redditor poster said, "We cope in weird ways eh." 

The world of 3D printing is ever-evolving and improving, and it's interesting to see the myriad ways people are using their 3D printers, and for what purposes. 

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