Company Invents Creepy Sex Robot that Breathes

In addition to chest cavities, the doll will also have realistic arm and leg movements.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In what may be the creepiest news of the week, a company has now invented a sex robot with chest cavities to mimic the way a real human breathes.

The firm called AI-AItech is calling its new humanoid robot “Emma" and is also giving it the ability to control its limbs like a real person, according to the tabloid Daily Star. 


Arm and leg movements

And worse of all this mimicking of real humans seems to be on the rise. Sam White, a Cloud Climax manager, told Daily Star: "At the moment at Cloud Climax, we are the official UK agent for AI-AITech, who makes Emma the robot and we are the Official European agent for DS Doll Robotics, also known as EX Robot."

"Both companies are working on arm movements and the latest video release from DS Doll robotics shows leg movements," he said. "Eventually Emma will be able to move her arms and have a chest cavity that 'breathes.' Further still, she will be able to use her legs and walk."

The Emma model is already selling for $3,500 (£2,799). The doll is said to memorize clients' personalities so it can hold a conversation with them. It also comes in a variety of faces and bodies and has the power to blink and make different expressions.

A disturbing trend

The trend with sex dolls is disturbingly on the rise but few have stopped to consider the potential negative effects it may have, particularly in portraying dangerous stereotypes for women. Just this month, it was revealed that pornhub porn star Korina Kova would be turned into a lifelike sex doll so that her superfans could experience "ultra-realistic" sex with her.

Considering that this is a real person we are talking about here, one has to wonder if the boundaries are being pushed.

It may be time to have an honest and mature discussion about the roles of sex dolls in today's societies, as well as in the future.

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