This conversion kit transforms your bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds!

Get ready for an electric ride in a flash!
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Created: 11/24/2022
PikaBoost Kit on a bike
PikaBoost Kit on a bike


As days pass by, sustainability is increasingly gaining importance for consumers. Environment-friendly products are gaining wide popularity amongst buyers, and the transport industry is one of the foremost affected by this purchase behavior. E-bikes are steadily becoming a top choice of transport, as they cause less pollution and are more affordable than cars and motorbikes.

However, does that mean you will need to buy a brand-new e-bike to embrace this trend? Most certainly not. E-bike conversion kits are a quick solution that will save you trouble and allow you to convert your regular bike into an e-bike, albeit at a high cost.

E-bike conversion kits are pricey and have a complex installation procedure. Once you get an e-bike conversion kit installed, it would be a big hassle to reconvert your bike if you feel like experiencing the joy of riding a regular bike.

Introducing PikaBoost – a portable e-bike conversion kit

This conversion kit transforms your bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds!
Source: Livall

In a bid to make the transformation of bikes into electric bikes a cinch, LIVALL has come up with a novel solution – known as PikaBoost – that eradicates the cons of installing an e-bike conversion kit.

Many e-bike conversion kits consist of special wheels, battery packs, and sensors. On the contrary, the PikaBoost conversion kit consists of only a single 6.6 lbs (3 kg) unit that can be mounted on a bike within 30 seconds! All you have to do is use the locking mechanism to mount this unit on your bike, and you’re ready to go!

The riding flexibility

This conversion kit transforms your bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds!
Source: Livall

Switching gears can be a tedious job when you’re riding more challenging terrains like hills. PikaBoost ensures you don’t have to keep on switching gears; it provides three different riding modes designed for different terrains and people of different strengths.

1. Cruise

The Cruise mode is designed specifically for short-distance commuters and helps maintain a steady speed.

2. Eco

The Eco mode is a great option for people with less physical strength. It can help climb steep hills with ease. Furthermore, it also uses the regenerative system while going downhill to conserve energy

3. Exercise

The Exercise mode is a great choice if you want to use your bike for regular cycling exercises. It offers extra resistance so you can push yourself hard to power the e-bike, thus achieving your fitness goals. Also, this mode can help you charge your electronic devices via the USB socket. In case the PikaBoost unit is low on power, you can also use this mode to save power.

Some salient features

This conversion kit transforms your bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds!
Source: Livall

The PikaBoost unit boasts several features that are worth a mention and make all the difference to the overall e-bike riding experience.

Universal compatibility

Many e-bike conversion kits claim to be universally compatible, but not all stand true to the promise. PikaBoost, however, ensures you can convert any type of bike into an e-bike within less than a minute. Folding bike, road bike, or mountain bike, PikaBoost is compatible with all sorts of bikes, irrespective of the bike type, wheels, or frames.

The regenerative braking system

The regeneration system is one of the hallmarks of the PikaBoost conversion kit. This carbon-free system enhances the battery life by reducing the number of recharges. The regeneration system works like a charm when riding downhill and on certain terrains in terms of minimizing energy consumption. 

With the help of the internal acceleration sensor, PikaBoost can convert kinetic energy into electric energy and functions like a power generator. This feature allows you to save power and also use it for charging other electronic devices.

Battery replaceable design

The PikaBoost unit offers a powerful battery, delivering enough power to get up to 30 kilometers in 18 miles; it uses 18 cells of 18650 Lithium batteries. The battery compartment is one of PikaBoost’s hallmark features, and it is designed to suit a wide range of battery models. Users can purchase multiple batteries to increase the range and support long rides.

Precision Assist Intelligence System

Cycling as an exercise has oodles of health benefits. On the bright side, it can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. However, riding with excessive force and power can also cause irreparable damage to the body during long-duration rides.

The Precision Assist Intelligence system is designed to stop you from over-exerting yourself and maintaining your heart rate during long-distance cycling. The PikaBoost booster reduces the possibility of knee damage and is a godsend for people with lower stamina.

Fall detection

PikaBoost uses a combination of gyroscope and accelerometer technology to detect and avoid potential fall situations. Once the tilt angle crosses 45 degrees, PikaBoost automatically stops the motor to avoid falls.

Quiet electric motor

The engine sound of e-bikes can be really annoying while riding. Yet, the PikaBoost motors can produce impressive high speeds without any unwanted noise.

Water resistance

The PikaBoost battery and motor are IP66 water-resistant and can withstand light rains to heavy storms with relative ease. The rating ensures you can enjoy rides in any weather condition.

Easy portability

Since it’s all but a 3 kg unit, you can easily carry PikaBoost anywhere with you. It’s designed to for day-to-day use as probably the most lightweight e-bike add-on out there.

A glance at the specifications

This conversion kit transforms your bike into an e-bike in 30 seconds!
Source: Livall

Here are some of the essential specs you need to know about the PikaBoost e-bike conversion kit.

Size - 6.6*33.8*13 cm

Weight - 3kg (6.6 lbs)

Battery Capacity - 234Wh

Battery Voltage - 3.7v

Charging Time - 3 Hours

Power - 250W

Range - 30km/18 mi


The Kickstarter Early Bird Endurance package will be available at $399; it contains a set of two batteries. LIVALL is currently looking to raise funds through the Kickstarter platform, having already raised $900K. You can also pre-order a unit for the best discount, with the shipping due to start in March 2023.

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