Top 5 Cool Inventions to Make Your Life Easier!

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As you probably have an engineering mindset (otherwise, why would you be here?), you are likely always looking for ways to improve your daily efforts inefficiencies through cool and useful devices. While you would probably rather build them yourself, here are a few cool inventions to make your lives easier, or a few projects for you to attempt yourself.

The Inflatable Car Mattress Air Bed

cool inventions[Image Source: DP Home Textiles]

Nearly any traveler has encountered the dreadful pitfall of failed accommodations. Sleeping in the car is a recipe that will nearly certainly whip up a nasty concoction of kinked necks and a sleepless night. However, this mattress aims to solve all of your terrible, restless nights. Ingeniously, by making use of the foot-space in front of the seat, the inflatable car bed provides a large surface area to comfortably sleep you and perhaps a date (unless of course you are still studying engineering, in which case, the date can be easily exchanged for your books and a books of tissues for your tears). For US $76, it could potentially be a great investment.

The ’Lockitron’ to unlock any door without any keys

lockitron[Image Source: Lockitron]

The Lockitron, the device that will enable you to lock your doors without any keys. It happens, you leave the house and start down the driveway before you realize you left the door unlocked. Perhaps you turn back, or perhaps you continue forth as the laziness mounts and you could just not be bothered to turn back. In the latter case, the Lockitron is the ideal invention to solve all forgetful, lazy locking needs. The device hooks up via WiFi and connects to your phone through an app that lets you lock your door, wherever you are. The app also lets you schedule when the doors should be locked, and informs you whenever it is opened.  The device retails on their website for US $99.

A pointing bookmark

bookmark[Image Source Cosmos]

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Probably the simplest invention on this list is the finger pointing bookmarks that lets you keep track of where you left off. No more will you have to suffer, scouring page after page of endless material looking for the page where your bookmark fell out. This nifty little rubber band retails for US $7 for a pack of 5 on Amazon.

A Rechargeable Battery with a USB Interface

battery[Image Source: Yanko Design]

While its still in development, the battery with a USB port could possibly be a great addition to your camping kit. Able to power your flashlight and your phone, the batteries duality is surely incredibly useful. Currently, no metrics are available at this time.

Theft Deterrent Lunch Bags

lunch[Image Source: Bigmouth Inc.]

Whether you are at the office or attending a university lecture, you sit at your desk wondering: is the sandwich you left in your fridge in jeopardy? With hungry eyes feasting upon the eye-candy you left behind, you are in constant worry of savage beasts devouring your creation. However, with the deterrent lunch-bag disguising your food as a moldy mess, you will no longer have to worry about some reckless, heartless souls eating your sandwich again. Rest assured you sandwich will forever remain safe.

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