The Coolbox is the ultimate techie toolbox

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While there are many toolboxes on the market there isn't one as tech savvy as the Coolbox Toolbox. This is a toolbox that you can not only carry around all your tools in but which also offers some unconventional features.


[Image Source: Coolbox]

The Coolbox Toolbox features a whiteboard under the lid which is perfect for drawing plans or sketches or just writing down any measurements that you take. The toolbox also doubles up as a speaker as it has 40 watt marine grade Bluetooth speakers and you can pair your phone up to them and listen to music as you work. If you need to shed more light on the area you are working you can with the LED flood light.

Both the floodlight and the speakers work from a 20 volt battery that is rechargeable. This also powers two USB charging slots in case you need to charge your phone up at work. The toolbox itself has a retractable cord allowing you to plug it into the wall outlet.


[Image Source: Coolbox]

The lid of the Coolbox Toolbox is magnetic and this is a great feature as it holds any screws, nuts and bolts that you may have taken out of something. When the lid of the toolbox is closed it doubles up as a dock for a tablet and there is another tablet dock on the back wall of the box to use when you have the lid open.


[Image Source: Coolbox]

The Coolbox Toolbox offers a digital clock, outside slot for storing things and a bottle opener. The total amount of space it offers is 1,797 square inches and it can carry up to 65 pounds in weight. At the moment the designers of the toolbox are trying to raise funds and you can make a pledge of $169 to secure one.

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