Cycle through scenery in HD video with multi-player VRide

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Winter isn't a good time of the year for cyclists depending on the region you live in. The weather can be cold and wet and it gets dark early. However there is a way to enjoy a ride on your bike virtually and go along animated trails and roads with multi-player Vride.


[Image Source: Velo Reality]

VRide Multi was designed by VeloReality and the difference between this and other multi-player systems is that it makes use of HD first person video taken on various scenic routes around the globe. This means that you can take a virtual bike ride in various locations around the world without having to leave your home.

Along with the VRide Multi you will need a cycle, Windows computer and a compatible ANT+ trainer. Free software is then downloaded onto the computer along with videos of ride locations that the cyclist would like to take a ride along. These have to be downloaded and they cost around $11 each per route. There is also a subscription fee and this comes in at between $5 to $10 per month.


[Image Source: Velo Reality]

When ready to take a ride the system is turned on and the rider can load up one of the videos. The cyclist then sees the road ahead from their point of view and as the cyclists pedals the scenery changes as they pedal down the road (virtually of course). The speed that the scenery goes by reflects on how hard the cyclist is pedalling. Should the trainer support it, the resistance can also change based on the descents and climbs on the virtual ride.

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[Image Source: Velo Reality]

If the cyclist doesn’t want to ride along they can view a map of the world and this shows locations where other cyclists are riding. Should the cyclist own the same video ride they can load it up and then forward it to the point where the other cyclists are and join them on the ride. The name of the person you are riding with then shows up on the screen and shows their speed along with the positon they are on the road.

VeloReality offer 60 different virtual cycle rides and the company has just introduced the multi-player aspect.

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