Data and maps on the car windscreen thanks to the Navdy

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With the rapid advancement of technology we are constantly being faced with stuff that was once only seen in science fiction movies. One piece of technology that has advanced is the HUD (heads-up-display) that can project information on the windscreen of the car. Today, these are typically seen on high end cars, but now thanks to the Navdy, the tech may soon be introduced in lower end vehicles.


[Image Source: Navdy]

At the moment the Navy remains in prototype, but the people behind it say that it is a HUD that has voice and gesture controls and it can be used in any car that was manufactured after 1996 and which comes with an OBD II port.


[Image Source: Navdy]

The idea behind Navy is a simple one. The HUD works along a smartphone, which can be Android or iOS, and your car. Anyone with a phone that runs on Android 4.3 and above or iOS 7 and above can use it for voice and gesture controls of Navy.


[Image Courtesy of Navdy]

Navy features a built in infrared camera and this allows touch free gesture controls as the driver is able to execute commands by using just simple gestures. The driver can use Google Voice or Siri for calling friends and family, dictation of emails and sending messages to social network sites. The system can also take advantage of satellite navigation and it alerts the driver of critical information and directions. The on-screen navigation doesn’t disappear if you receive a call, this means that you can continue with the navigation along with the call at the same time.


[Image Source: Navdy]

The team behind the Navy said that the system would also display information such as the speed the car is travelling along with RPM, distance, fuel economy, distance to empty tank, the tyre pressure and more. This information will be taken from the ECU of the car.

[Image Source: Navdy]

 The Navdy HUD system runs on a dual processor with a customised Android 4.4 and has a display of 5.1 inches. It comes with an accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and has a mini USB port, speaker and a microphone. The system differs from the competition on the market due to the fact that it can pair with the car via the car's own computer. The system should be on sale from 2015 and if you want to pre-order it, you can get it for $299 for the next 30 days only. It will then revert to the original price tag of $499.


[Image Source: Navdy]

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