Data Recovery: How to Protect Your Devices from Data Loss

EaseUS released a data recovery software and is offering a free plan.
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Created: 10/11/2019

Data loss is an unfortunate situation that many of us have experienced. Whether you accidentally deleted a file or a malware caused you to lose information, it’s essential to keep your data secure and be able to recover it.

However, not that many people and even businesses take good care of their files, and thereby risk losing valuable information. In fact, 78% of organizations had experienced data breaches in the past 2 years, and only a small part takes action to protect sensitive matters.

As an individual user, you can prepare for interferences and protect your files. No matter, you lost data from your computer, phone, or tablet, it’s not gone forever. If you take action immediately, you can still recover most of it. However, it’s recommended to have the needed software in advance, because if you download an installation file, it will take the storage space on your device and outwrite deleted information, and might delete it permanently. 

The same goes for companies, but to secure larger amounts of data, it’s recommended to have an extended data recovery software solution. Also, as a business owner, you should always look for ways to prevent data breaches and leaks and have some additional systems to secure local files and online information of your organization.

Data recovery software is the easiest solution to help you get back deleted files. Today, on our radar is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. It’s an easy-to-install program to recover lost or deleted files on any device. 


Pros and cons of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

Wizard Pro is a data recovery software that aims to restore lost, deleted, formatted files from computers, phones, or removable devices. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. It’s optimized to recover more than 1000 different file types, including document, graphic, video, audio, email, and other formats. Some of the advantages that the system has:

User-friendly dashboard

It works on three main steps: you select a location where data was lost, start scanning, preview, and recover files. Design is easy-to-navigate and straightforward, even if you’ve never had any similar experience. It has only the main action buttons, and not many extra settings, which could distract or mislead you.

Data Recovery: How to Protect Your Devices from Data Loss
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Source: Egle Rackauskaite/Interesting Engineering

Light and compatible

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro takes only up to 32MB for installation and 128MB in RAM. Additionally, you can use it with PC/laptop, hard drive, external disk, SSD, USB drive, micro card, camcorder, digital camera, music player, video player, RAID, CF/SD card, zip drive, pen drive, and other storage devices. 

Fast performance

Efficiency adds up to a user-friendly dashboard. You don’t need to set additional settings or configurations, therefore, the whole process is focused on recovering lost material. 

However, the program might not be the best choice if you need to restore long-lost files or perform more in-depth scans. It doesn’t have different levels of scanning and can be a bit limiting when it comes to the integrity of discovered files because it doesn’t show your chances of recovering them successfully. Yet for daily usage, it’s an optimal choice to help you recover your lost and formatted files.

EaseUS and their data recovery software

Data Recovery: How to Protect Your Devices from Data Loss
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Source: Egle Rackauskaite/Interesting Engineering

EaseUS has a long history of data recovering software solutions. They offer several packages to meet different consumer needs. You can find products to fit individual needs or customized for enterprises. The leading product EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro has a tier package. 

The basic plan is for free, you can download it here.

Free data recovery software allows restoring up to 500MB, or up to 2GB if you click the share button in the wizard. For everyday use, it’s the most optimal choice as it can recover different file types, and import and export scanning results.

However, if you’re looking for advanced software for a company, more inclusive plans might be a better choice. Their Pro and Pro WinPE plans offer unlimited data recovery and additional features. You can also try them with a free trial option.

Currently, EaseUS is running a campaign and giving a 50% discount for Interesting Engineering readers for both EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. You can forget about lost or damaged files because EaseUS has your back. Also, don’t forget to check the EaseUS Facebook page.

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