Death Bed or Fun Camping Experience? The Internet Thinks This Tent-Raft Is a Horrible, Hilarious Idea

The tent-raft has garnered the attention of the Internet with hilarious responses.
Donovan Alexander

Would you ever sleep or camp in a tent-raft? In short, as the name implies the roomy tent allows its occupants to camp comfortably on a large body of water out in the wilderness.

Now for those of you who might have said yes to the previous question, would you really want to, though? Sure, it looks great on paper, but a tent-raft seems to be a little problematic. 

But, if you are still gung-ho about the idea, the company behind the concept, SmithFly, has created a device that you should definitely add to your Christmas list. Dubbed the Shoal Tent, it is indeed the first of its kind. The inflatable floating raft is topped off with a tent, allowing you to "sleep out on the water." 


SmithFly promises users the opportunity to "camp on your favorite farm pond, saltwater flat, spring creek or eddy on your favorite river."  No tent poles required. 

"The world is your waterbed."

Now if you raised your eyebrow at the immediate mention of a "tent-raft," you are not alone. Upon seeing this "creation," the Internet raised some very valid and hilarious points complete with just the right amount of memes and references.

So, let's take a look. 

Now, this makes perfect sense. Have you ever tried to sleep on a waterbed? It is not pleasant. The idea of using this as a viable, comfortable sleeping option may be a little far fetched. Even more so, Joseph makes a good point. Sharp objects and inflatable objects do not mesh well, and a few alligators and hippos are sure to do some damage. 

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If you are planning on using this tent-raft on an open body of water, especially a river, be sure to plan your trip. Waking up in the morning to the perils of a waterfall can be a very awkward downturn to your camping experience. 

Both are valid points. If you are floating on a calm body of water, this could be an ok experience, but what happens when you lose control of the tent-raft? Also, how exactly do you steer it? 

Now, we are not saying this has ever happened, but we're not saying that this can't happen. It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with massive flying great white sharks. 

What happens if you are a heavy sleeper, and make it through the creatures, the sharks, and the waterfalls and end up in a new state, country, or region? Do you win something? 

In short, please avoid any tent-rafts in the near future. However, if any of you get ahold of a tent-raft, be sure to record your experience and send it in. 

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