Dell Unveils Mammoth Desktop Monitor That Displays 4 Panels

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dell[Image Source: Dell]

Have you seen Apple's enormous 27-inch iMac? If you have, then you know how big it is. It makes standard computer screens look like toys. Well, Apple has now been outdone by Dell, by a long shot. Dell just unveiled a 43-inch monitor named 4K P4317Q. Now it makes the 27-inch iMac look like a child's toy. That means that this new monitor is bigger than a lot of television screens, too.

I don't know about you, but back when I had a regular desk job, I could have really benefitted from this monster monitor. I could have watched several movies per day and gotten all my work done simultaneously. But Dell didn't create this monitor for bored office workers. So, who did Dell manufacture this gigantic screen for? Apparently, there are a lot of people who multitask and need to look at 4 screens at once. Financial traders, software developers and gamers are just a few of the target customers of this mammoth monitor. The Dell monitor has an option built into it where it can show four HD 1080p screens within it without any bezel breaks.

Dell says that the benefits of this single monitor multi-client solution goes well beyond just productivity. It is also more economical and energy efficient. Instead of having to buy and power four monitors, you only have to do it for one, which Dell claims saves 30% more energy.

The Dell monitor also is different with respect to the ability to enlarge one window to fill up the entire screen. You can also fill up the screen with only two windows. Most multi-client monitors cannot do this.

Here are some specifications from Dell's website:

–4K large screen experience: The 43" display with high-performance monitor scalar offers exceptional clarity up to Ultra HD 4K.

–Multi-client capabilities: Connect up to four independent clients to a single monitor with customized views, all without bezel breaks, so you can take total command of your tasks.

–Simplify multi-monitor setups: Fewer cables, single mount setup and RS232 connection offer easy manageability.

This video explores the mammoth monitor in more detail:

If you're ready to spend $1,349.99 (aren't we advanced enough not to need the .99 pricing hook anymore?) then this monster monitor is ready for you.

dell2[Image Source: Dell]

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