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Suitart, a Swedish company based in Zurich, are offering a diamond encrusted (and not just a few!) bullet-proof suit for men. The suit is rather James Bond-esque; although Bond seems to have the ability to dodge bullets without any bullet proofing. But don't get your hopes up of feeling like an international spy just yet as the $3.2 million price tag might hinder your chances.

suit[Image Source: Suitart]

The suit is called Diamond Armour, and rightly so. The suit fabric is laden with 880 black diamonds, 600 in the lapel and stitching (a sum total of 140 carats) and a further 280 embedded into the suits steel buttons. The lining contains an artwork that was flaunted in the Hollywood blockbuster "This Means War."

Suitart worked alongside body armour company Croshield to produce a lightweight material that is granted level II bullet proof protection classification. According to the National Institutes of Justice, this means the suit can protect against bullets fired from small arms and handguns - ranging from 9mm pistols to .57 Magnums. Anything bigger doesn't come with a guarantee.

[Image Source: Suitart]

And with all the international spying you'll be doing you'd expect to break a sweat now and then, however, the suit comes with its on water cooling system. Suitart worked alongside a company called EMPA, who have previous experience in both bulletproof vests and water filled cooling systems for clothing. Diamond Armours website states, "the integrated technology, which can be activated at the push of a button, allows for highest comfort by cooling the wearer down through the humidification of water."

To top it off the suits outerlayer features nanotechnology that makes the suit both water proof and stain resistant. That's the least you could expect from the $3.2 million price tag, but if you can afford a suit like this I'm not sure your biggest worries are dry cleaning expenditure.  For this, Suitart worked with Scholler Technologies who took the inspiration from nature, examining the nano scale layers of certain water resistant plant leaves.

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[Image Source: Suitart]

For an extra touch of flare, the silk lining features "Unidad Molecular Aleatoria," an artwork from internationally famous artist Luciano Goizueta. There's also matching accessories that come included with the price, such as the 24 carat golden silk tie that also takes advantage of nanotechnology and is the worlds first permanently golden fabric. And oh, don't forget the inclusion of 1 of only 125 Carl F. Bucherer watches that's made from gold, ceramic, titanium and rubber that offers 3 different time zones (perfect for all that international spying) and has a 42 hours power reserve.

"Unidad Molecular Aleatoria" by artist Luciano Goizueta [Image Source: Suitart]

The price tag is certainly high on this and adds a whole new meaning to the phrase '$1 million dollar suit'. If you had that sort of money would you be tempted by this?

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