Digital Healthcare Breaking Ground With Bionic Eye Lens, On-Demand Service

A more integrated model of healthcare is on the horizon, with on-demand services, and bionic tools.
Trevor English

A group of the leading medical health experts met during CES 2021 to showcase the most promising technologies in digital healthcare — and forecast where it's going.

From the all-time high of public trust in medical professionals to a bionic contact lens-enabled means of vision enhancement called Mojo Vision, digital health is reshaping itself to place novelty, scalability, and affordability at the heart of patients' pathway to recovery, and eventual return to normal life.


Future of digital healthcare

Speakers gathered virtually for the Wednesday CES 2021 event included President of Myriad Genetic Laboratories Nicole Lamberg, SVP at CVS Health Adam Pellegrini, and VP of Medical Devices at Mojo Vision, Ashley Tuan.

Myriad's Lambert began with a note about how trust in medical professionals is at an all-time high, despite the weight of an ongoing global pandemic. To maintain and build on this development, medical professionals need better data to ensure nothing is lost to miscommunication, in addition to a firmer sense of medical illness and treatment needs for both patient and professional. 

Lambert also emphasized the rise of at-home testing, and its contribution to preventative medicine. Now more than ever patients can run their own medical tests through on-demand services — which can help patients take greater control of their medical treatment.

Mojo Vision Parts
Mojo Vision lenses bring several layers of medical and computing engineering together. Source: Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision's Tuan brought up her company's new bionic contact lens — which enhances vision for the vision-impaired. Specifically, it enhances the contrast and color for people who have trouble with image clarity.

In other words, Mojo Vision's contact lens adapts to achieve optimal optics.

Apart from purely medical uses, Mojo Vision thinks the lens could also augment daily life experiences. For example, as a speedometer appearing within vision while biking, or perhaps a grocery list during a trip to the store.

Most Popular

CVS' Symphony project provides medical alert hub for seniors

CVS' Pelligrini noted how the company — which covers an expansive range of healthcare services — has emphasized the need to unfold new scales of digital connection in senior care devices. The company's latest project — called Symphony  is a medical alert health hub for senior citizens.

The Symphony health hub works much like a home security system, tailor-made for health concerns and monitoring. The system's central hub connects to wireless sensors that seniors wear, which comes with a panic button, a sensor to detect falling episodes, and even motion sensors for concerned relatives to ensure their seniors managed to climb out of bed.

Biometrics and wearables in healthcare will become even more frictionless in our daily life, noted Pelligrini during the CES 2021 event. He envisions a stream of biometric data used to make real-time medical diagnoses. Taken as a whole, the health experts at CES see a more integrated model of healthcare on the horizon, where wearable medical devices approach a limit of fully-preventative medicine.

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