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The Phree smartpen is different from the competition on the market as it allows you to digitise your doodles on any surface. The competition such as the Livescribe relies on you writing or doodling on a particular surface, such as a whiteboard. With the Phree you can even write on your arm and it will digitise to a Bluetooth device.


[Image Source: OTM Tech]

The Phree smartpen relies on Bluetooth technology and OTM Technologies are behind it. They are a start-up company from Israel who designed the pen to shoot a laser beam from the tip of the pen, allowing writing on virtually any surface imaginable.


[Image Source: OTM Tech]

While you could of course jot something down on your smartphone or tablet when you are out and about, there is nothing like the feel of a pen in your hand. The Phree smartpen has been designed to feel like a traditional writing implement and so it feels natural in the hand. The designers built in a tool in the tip of the pen that they say is the smallest 3D laser interferometer in the world.


[Image Source: OTM Tech]

They have patented the sensor and it works by shooting out a laser beam onto the chosen writing surface. The pen monitors the interference between the reflections that come from the surface and the beam. The information is then processed by algorithms and it is converted into a motion signal and then translated into a digital doodle in an instant.

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[Image Source: OTM Tech]

The Phree smartpen is said to work with such as EverNote, Viber and the Google Handwriting Keyboard and it is able to work with any device that has Bluetooth. There is also an OLED touch display built into the side of the pen and this shows messages, notifications and calls from the Bluetooth connected smartphone. You can even use the smartpen to answer phone calls.

phree-6[Image Source: OTM Tech]

The Phree smartpen is on Kickstarter where the developers are raising funds to get the pen onto the market. The initial US$100,000 has been passed and at the moment it is on $500,000. You can make a pledge of $219 for the pen and providing things go to plan the pen will be shipped out in April 2016.


[Image Source: OTM Tech]

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