Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started

Unearth the secrets without letting the recipient know!
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Created: 10/5/2022

As the days pass, attracting the attention of the ideal consumer is becoming a herculean task for brands and businesses alike. There are oodles of reasons for the increase in cut-throat competition, the most common being the constant arrival of new players in the market across almost every industry.

Add to that, the changing landscape of content consumption has also played a major role. The short-video content format has especially decreased the attention span, forcing brands to be on point in their messaging and precise in their communication. In light of the current scenario, data becomes invaluable as it helps craft the right communication based on users’ interests.

Snoopreport: a general overview

Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started
Source: Snoopreport

In recent years, there have been multiple tools allowing users to peek into the activities of users on various channels. Snoopreport is one such tool that allows you to monitor accounts on Instagram. Made for both individuals as well as businesses, you can monitor users’ actions, preferences, and habits.

For businesses, it’s a great tool to understand their audience's behavior on Instagram. And individuals can track the interests of their favorite people or celebrities to understand what they like the most.

Addressing the common legal concerns

It’s always essential to address common privacy concerns when trespassing on others’ activity without their consent. For all those doubting the legality of spying, let us tell you that Snoopreport uses web scraping to collect data about users from Instagram. Web scraping is a technique that lets you collect data that is publicly available on the internet.

So, Snoopreport cannot track private Instagram accounts; it can only gather and showcase data from public accounts. Web scraping has already been legalized by the U.S. courts, so you can rest assured you aren’t getting into any malicious activity.

Accuracy and other benefits

Now that we’ve established it’s perfectly legal to use Snoopreport, the next question is regarding the accuracy of the tool. If you’re running a business or a brand, the Snoopreport data will form the basis for making decisions; hence, accuracy is a key factor.

The likes and follows that Snoopreport shows you are 100% accurate. However, you won’t see every like or follow in the report, as the tool can track only up to 75% of likes and follows on a public account.

You can also track people you don’t follow, provided they have made their profile public. Also, you won’t need to install any special application on the recipient’s phone to track their activity. This is an especially good feature since most of the spying tools on the market don’t allow easy tracking unless you’ve installed that app on the recipient’s phone.

No need to trespass on someone’s privacy by accessing their phone without their consent and then installing a spy tool just so you can track their activities. With Snoopreport, you can safely track activity from the comfort of your phone.

Another good feature is that the user will never know if you’re spying on them, as your activity and profile will remain private. You don’t need to stay online for 24 hours to track users’ activities. Since everything happens in the cloud, you can safely quit using your phone or PC, and the data collection will still continue in the background.

If you wish to stop activity tracking, you can easily do so by archiving the account from your Snoopreport dashboard. If you want to permanently remove the account and data, simply delete it.

What does the report look like?

Snoopreport provides a monthly or weekly report, and it can also export all tracked data in a .CSV file format for in-depth analysis. Appearance-wise, it’s really simple to read and get valuable insights from the data. We will dissect the data report into four parts for better understanding.

Tracking activities

Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started
Source: Snoopreport

The first part of the report shows you a general overview of how the tracked user used Instagram over the specified time span. It gives you the details about the number of likes by the user, whose content they like the most, and the relevant hashtags they’ve used in the specified time span.

Likes and follows

Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started
Source: Snoopreport

This section measures the likes and follows the user has received from other users. You can see which posts made by the tracked user have been liked the most by other users.

Liked media tags cloud

Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started
Source: Snoopreport

The best part of the entire report is the media tags cloud, which helps you understand the tracked user’s likes and interests in the form of hashtags. The bigger the font size of the hashtag, the higher the interest is in that particular topic. The font size of the hashtags provides clarity regarding how much the user likes or enjoys posts related to a particular topic.

If you click on the dots and lines option in the top right corner, you’ll see the number of posts the tracked user has liked containing a particular hashtag.

User interests

Want to discover your favorite people’s interests on Instagram? Here’s the perfect tool to get started
Source: Snoopreport

This section showcases the interests of the tracked user and is pretty much aligned with the type of posts they like and follow on Instagram. You can also use the dots and lines icon in the top left corner to get a detailed overview of their interests.

Should you opt for a Snoopreport subscription?

Yes, totally! And there are three main reasons why we’re advocating this tool.

1. Snoopreort uses web scraping to collect data - a practice that is completely legalized in the USA. If you decide to use it, you’re definitely not breaching any privacy laws because the tool itself does that in the first place as it allows only the tracking of public accounts.

2. Your identity remains secure when you’re tracking a particular account, so you can rest assured no one can catch you red-handed in case you’re snooping around their profile.

3. The subscription doesn’t cost much. You can start with $4.99 a month for tracking two accounts, which is a great plan for individuals or small businesses who want to monitor just two competitors.

4. Snoopreport was recognized as the 2nd and 5th best product of the week on Product Hunt in 2020. That sure gives you enough reason to trust the credibility of the platform.

Our Take On Snoopreport

Here’s a short overview of what we feel is the best and what can be improved within the Snoopreport tool.


1. The first thing we particularly liked about Snoopreport is the fact that it doesn’t invade privacy; that makes it a very safe tool to use for understanding the interests of your loved ones or competitors.

2. The report produced by the tool is intuitive and simple to grasp. It gives you all the required information about the likes and interests of the tracked user.

3. Snoopreport is a simple and lucid tool to understand. It’s easy to operate and you’ve also got the official YouTube channel to go to if you want to understand the entire working process. The FAQ section also helps a great deal in answering the most common questions you may have regarding the tool.


1. Snoopreport’s ability to showcase data only for public accounts is both a boon and a bane. It’s not that bad for businesses, since competitors will usually have their profiles publicly available for viewing.

However, if you’re using it for personal purposes, you’ll definitely be disappointed since Snoopreport cannot provide you with the data of private accounts. So, unless you aren’t planning to track users with private profiles, this tool is a good tool to use.

2. There’s no free trial included with this tool; you need to buy a subscription before you can start using Snoopreport. For trial purposes, you can opt for the Personal plan, but that’s still having to shell out cash without knowing how the product works.

In all, like every tool, Snoopreport also has a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. You can visit the trial report examples to understand how the tool works. If you use it correctly, Snoopreport can be the goldmine that helps you understand a person or a business, so you can act accordingly.

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