Remember Everything With Your Own DIY Remembrall

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Designer Allie Fauer recreated one of the wizarding world's best inventions - the Remembrall. Just like the one from the Harry Potter series, this Remembrall doesn't tell the user exactly what they've forgotten, just that they've forgotten something.

rememberall[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

However, unlike like Neville Longbottom's, Fauer's is a lot more useful. She connected the sphere to the Todoist App to glow red whenever a task went over a user's due date.

"While I will admit that my Remembrall isn't quite as useless as Neville's, it is sure to leave its owner in a state of panic as they try to figure out what they have forgotten (or at least I hope it does!)," she wrote on her Instructables page.

“A to-do list is something that I use a lot,” Fauer says. “So I wanted to make something that would be both useful and relatable.”

For the sake of this story, the following steps are a simple synopsis of how she made her Remembrall. It is by no means the extensive steps she took to craft her ball. For the full set of instructions, click here.

Here's how she got started:

rememberphoto1[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

She first checked in to her Todoist App to sync the app with the Remembrall. She took the raw JSON data and imported into Thing Speak to help create the code for the Remembrall.

rememberphoto2[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

She then set the timing mechanics via ThingSpeak so the Remembrall knows when to light up after a missed task.

rememberphoto3[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

Fauer then sets up a Twitter account to notify and authorize ThingTweet. Get an account on Particle Build and use a Spark Core or Particle Photon to upload Fauer's code. She then used IFTTT to link the Twitter updates from ThingSpeak to the Remembrall so that it can update itself via those Tweets.

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rememberphoto5[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

Fauer recreated Neville's Remembrall's frosted look by taking a plastic ornament and scoring the inside. She then sanded the ornament. The frosted look also helped to hide the electronics.

rememberphoto6[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

The then cut a half-inch ring from a three inch mailing tube and attached it to the middle of the ornament. Then, decorate the ring around the ornament.

rememberphoto7[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

She then solders the LEDs to resistors and the rest of the electronics together.

rememberphoto8[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

"I also recommend using a 3V battery to test your circuit to make sure it works before moving along," she said.

rememberallfinal[Image Courtesy of Allie Fauer/Instructables]

She then connected all of the electronics and wrapped them securely with hair ties. She tossed in some poly-fill to further hide the electronics and create the illusion of smoke. Close up the Remembrall and enjoy!

Via Instructables, Popular Science

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