Drag Race: Tesla Model S Raven Takes On Acura NSX

Watch this Acura NSX face the Tesla S Raven, and see which one wins the drag race.
Brad Bergan

Tesla has made some impressive advances in electric car technology, but this progress also applies to the world of supercars and drag racing.

Tesla versus Acura

In the video, Brooks from Drag Times opens with ambivalent sentiments regarding the modern Acura NSX. It has a twin-turbo V6, and a trio of electric motors, with which the supercar looks outstanding on paper. However, Brooks found that the Acura NSX didn't quite perform up to spec — noting its slight improvement over the Nissan GT-R — at least, on the drag strip, where there's nothing but a straight road.

The high-octane clip gives the NSX more than one chance to outpace the Tesla and has an edge that comes from a Fabspeed exhaust and Hydra Motor Works tune. On paper, the upgrades should give the coupe roughly 522 kilowatts (700 horsepower), more than the stock rating of 427 kW (573 hp).

But enough of specs: in the video we see the Acura take on the Tesla Model S Performance Raven. If spoilers are a let-down, make sure to watch the video above, before scrolling down.

Acura NSX: paper versus performance

Because the new tuning just doesn't cut it against the Tesla S. Out of three races, the Acura pulls ahead just once, with the lowest time of 10.748 seconds. In comparison, the quickest pass down the drag strip for the Tesla Model S is 10.61 seconds.


However, if Acura ever makes a hotter version of the modern NSX, it's likely going to wear the Type S branding. For now, the company intends to reserve that moniker for performance vehicles, reserving Type R labels for sporty Hondas.

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Rumors abound that an NSX Type S might be on the horizon, capable of 485 kW (650 hp), according to InsideEVs. But word on the strip said it was coming out at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and it didn't, which means the rumors may be unfounded. For now, between the tuned Acura NSX and the Tesla S Raven, Tesla wins in raw acceleration.

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