Drako Dragon makes history as the most powerful, quickest, and fastest SUV

The car has many advanced features including the Drako DriveOS system which controls everything.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Drako Dragon
Drako Dragon

Drako Dragon 

Lowie Vermeersch and his GranStudio team have designed a new hyper-luxury SUV called Drako Dragon which is the most powerful, quickest, and fastest model of its kind, according to a press release acquired by IE. The many impressive features of the car have been explained in great detail.

Striking visual style and functional aerodynamics

Dragon’s four electric motors combine to provide 2,000 horsepower enabling 0-60 mph runs of 1.9 seconds, quarter-mile times of 9.0 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 200 mph. Meanwhile, the front brakes use 10-piston calipers on 420-mm discs, while the rear brakes use 6-piston calipers on 410-mm discs.

“The front wing’s carefully sculpted lines, for example, are not just beautiful–they also allow air to pass through the nose to reduce drag, increase range and create meaningful downforce at speed. The rear flying buttresses also serve this dual ethos of striking visual style and functional aerodynamics, guiding airflow rearward toward the “coda tronca” rear end and its diffuser,” according to the statement.

Drako Dragon makes history as the most powerful, quickest, and fastest SUV
Drako Dragon 1.jpg

“The gullwing doors, likewise, are not there just for visual impact, although they have plenty. The large, power-operated gullwings eliminate the B-pillar to make it easier to get in and out of Dragon’s front and rear seats, enhance outward sight lines for rear-seat passengers, and are designed to open upward more than outward for easy access even when parked near vehicles, walls, or other obstacles.”

Meanwhile, the SUV's headlights and tail lights are highly detailed and equipped with unique LEDs for maximum visibility. The car also features ultra-bright rally lights integrated into its roof to improve driver awareness in extreme environments. 

In terms of body panels, Drako is pioneering the use of sustainable natural fibers to reduce weight and improve rigidity while avoiding the use of plastic by up to 70 percent. These natural fiber composites also offer full end-of-life recyclability, helping further to reduce the car’s environmental footprint. Could this be the eco-friendly SUV we have been waiting for?

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Equal treatment to rear-seat passengers as the driver

The car also boasts impressive interiors. “As driver-focused as Dragon is, the cabin gives equal treatment to rear-seat passengers. The B-pillarless design and panoramic glass roof offer passengers incredible spaciousness and beautiful unobstructed views outward," reads the press release.

Drako Dragon makes history as the most powerful, quickest, and fastest SUV
Drako Dragon 2

"A rear-seat entertainment package with dual screens mounted to the rear of the leather and carbon fiber front seats will also be available. Rear seat occupants also get programmable backlighting that shines through perforated leather panels for enhanced ambience and intimacy.”

All of Dragon’s physical driver controls are mounted directly to the steering wheel, including those for the turn signals, windshield wipers, headlights, and horn, as well as two 5-way thumb controllers and a pair of driver-programmable rotary controls.

Drako Dragon makes history as the most powerful, quickest, and fastest SUV
Drako Dragon 3

Unlike the distributed networks found in most luxury cars, with hundreds of control units hidden away around the vehicle, the Drako DriveOS system uses a single multicore ECU to provide all functions. Controlling the Dragon’s infotainment system, navigation, and instrumentation display can all be done from the Drako DriveOS platform.

“The DriveOS architecture is also highly reliable and secure, with special cybersecurity precautions incorporated into the intentionally minimized software footprint. This reliability and security means users can be confident their data is safe, even with Dragon’s full cloud connectivity and over-the-air updates,” concludes the press statement.