Dreadnort Boats' multipurpose POD offers versatile living and work space

Toughened safety glass windows and marine-grade aluminum plating makes it weigh 1.1 tons.
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The P.O.D
The P.O.D

Dreadnort Boats 

Dreadnort Boats, located in New Zealand, introduced the POD, a movable multipurpose structure.

The creation of Dreadnort Boats is the outcome of a partnership between Transformarine Naval Architects and Altech Marine. The abbreviation POD stands for "Point Of Difference," which is unquestionably fitting.

The present prototype is constructed of 6-mm toughened safety glass windows and 5-mm marine-grade aluminum plating, and it is intended to function as a portable office. Its dimensions are 200 x 98 x 98 in (5.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 m), 101 sq ft (9.4 sq m) of plan-view space, 79 in (201.5 cm) of maximum interior headroom, and weight at 1.1 tons.

Up to 12 adults can be seated in the prototype's V-shaped seating spaces, with under-seat storage compartments and two drop-down tables with cushions to serve as beds. The entire structure can be lifted by a crane or helicopter and is transported from one location to another on a boat trailer, thanks to lifting lugs on the roof.

The main body of the POD is mounted on four height-adjustable jacks, which may raise it up to 10 cm (3.9 in) off the ground. A two-piece gull-wing door with fold-down steps allows occupants to enter and escape.

Also, the shelter has two 150-watt solar panels that charge a 200-Ah deep cycle battery, even though it is technically capable of being connected to the local electrical grid. Two 12-volt DC sockets can be used for equipment like a small refrigerator, while a 350-watt inverter can power a laptop or TV. There are also two USB outlets for charging electrical devices.

Several additions will be added

The prototype also has three light circuits, including outside lighting over the entry, inside mood lighting at foot level, and overhead interior lighting. It has a Fusion Panel-Stereo as well.

The company is working on several additional designs that would allow the POD to be used as a tiny house, camping trailer, mobile food, coffee kiosk, or houseboat. Also, the company is open to designing PODs specifically for a client's needs.

Pricing for fully finished units varies depending on the layout and facilities, with prices beginning at about $61,243.

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