Drone Security Cameras are the Smart Devices of the Future

Does your home feel insecure? This company wants to protect it with a camera drone.
Trevor English
Sunflower Labs

Drones aren’t just fun toys for hobbyists or useful tools for professional videographers anymore. No, no, now they are going to start filling a new role: security cameras.

Sunflower Labs has announced at CES 2019 that they developed a system of high tech lights for your yard that integrates a flying camera drone that patrols your yard.

Now, like most new technology announcements from startups, we have no word on pricing or an exact release date yet. They did indicate that at first, the system will be quite expensive until they can start manufacturing at scale.

All that said, here’s how it works.

There will be three individual pieces of the security system. There will be the drone, called the bee, and its hub station called the Hive. These two devices will connect to your Wi-Fi and sync to their systems.

Users will place the hive in their yards which will then communicate back and forth with your homes internet — the hive functions as the connected station as well as the charging port for the drone.

The third part of Sunflower Labs’ system is garden lights that are placed around your yard. They work as lights, but they also function as motion and vibration sensors.

They’re reportedly smart enough to be able to tell the difference between pets, cars, and people.

That might make them a useful tool for home security systems – but that’s where the drone system comes into play too. After the garden light sensors pick up movement, they send signals to the hive.

The Hive notifies your phone, and you’ll have the ability to dispatch the drone.

Sunflower Labs also makes clear that through a professional monitoring system, the drone will be able to be deployed without you needed to dispatch it. So what can this drone do? It will allow you to take a closer look at the threat without having to zoom in on grainy cameras.

You can get areal views of your yard and track down any specific threat.

The bee can be programmed with critical locations around your home to investigate for you, giving the system a decent level of autonomy.

Chances are this new security system won’t be cheap, and it will likely be relegated to high-end estates.

Regardless of that, it’s an exciting concept that could bring a decent level of deterrent and investigation capability to your regular security system.