Drone Tracking System Detects and Shoots Drones from the Sky

Trevor English

DRONE tracker takedown[Image Source: Dedrone]

As recreational and commercially available drones become more advanced, areas that are off limits are having to develop plans to keep drones out. Other than taking a rifle and shooting one down, there really aren't many options on the market to keep drones away from places like prisons, military bases, and other restricted air spaces. Dedrone is a company seeking to bridge that market gap by creating a drone detection and jamming system. Using an array of sensors, lasers, and jammers, the Dedrone system will detect when a malicious drone enters designated airspace and automatically take defensive action.


The technology is completely scalable to any size site and the company is offering its technologies up as an extension of a location's security platforms. Through an array of sensors like infrared and radar, the technology filters the data through the DroneTracker software which determines when a foreign drone becomes a threat. Following this determination, the technology can then activate a signal jammer to disrupt the drone's controls. If this doesn't work, platforms will also be fitted with EMP burst technologies, fog bombs, lasers, counter drones and many more defensive platforms.

To understand a little more about how this technology detects and defends against drones, check out the demonstration video below.


"Depending on your individual security needs and legal preconditions, you can easily integrate third-party countermeasures into the DroneTracker platform and trigger them automatically via API." ~ Dedrone

The software is incredibly versatile in airspace security applications. Beyond simple drone surveillance and security, it will also help secure evidence, develop specific drone signatures, and offer immediate alerts to selected users. The API can be implemented into virtually any already installed security system, claims the company. 

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