Dubai will be home to the world’s largest net-zero carbon urban tech district

The new district will create over 4,000 jobs.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Dubai’s Urban Tech District.
Dubai’s Urban Tech District.


Architectural practice URB has been commissioned to engineer the world’s largest Urban Tech District along the Al Jaddaf Creekside in Dubai.

“Rising population, urbanization and impacts of climate change are increasing the need for cities to be resilient, liveable and smart. Thus the creation of sustainable cities is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. This requires planners with experience in designing and delivering sustainable communities,” says URB on its website.

The new construction will join the global transition towards achieving net-zero carbon goals and become home to top-tier entrepreneurs, establishing Dubai as an urban center for innovation and empowering a unique tech ecosystem to unfold in the emirate and across the world. It will also feature several commercial and educational facilities.

A focus on designing Net Zero Sustainable Cities

Dubai will be home to the world’s largest net-zero carbon urban tech district
URB's Dubai net zero district.


According to the URB website, the project could not be in better hands. “URB are highly experienced developers & consultants that provide development management, master planning, landscape and architectural services with a focus on designing Net Zero Sustainable Cities. The company was founded by Baharash Bagherian, a highly experience master planner with over 18 years of experience,” says the website.

“Baharash Bagherian has worked in various senior roles for international architectural practices. Most recently he was the former Design Director of Diamond Developers and led the designs of various sustainable cities across the globe whilst leading and managing a team of Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Designers and Interior designers.”

Bagherian also shared his views on the new project: “Dubai is best positioned to lead the Urban Tech Transformation than any other city in the world. The Urban Tech District will be a new global tech hub for urban innovation. With a total of 140,000 square meters of built up area, it will be the world’s largest urban tech district. Thus making Dubai the center for urban innovation.”

Furthermore, according to URB’s website, the new district will provide facilities for conferences, training, research, seminars, business incubation and more. The buildings present in the district will offset all their accumulated carbon emissions resulting from construction and operation and further empower a low-carbon workforce.

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Dubai will be home to the world’s largest net-zero carbon urban tech district
URB is at the forefront of green projects.


4000 jobs in green urban tech, education and training

Set to be developed on the Creekside of Al Jaddaf area in Dubai, the urban tech district will create 4000 jobs in green urban tech, education and training. It will also host venture capitals to empower entrepreneurs to create a unique collaborative urban tech eco system.

The district will promote the growth of urban-tech solutions at a much larger scale than ever seen before, as well as provide investment opportunities to innovators that are tackling some of the most crucial issues related to sustainable cities. The district will support a new type of innovative companies that require a platform to grow quickly.

The district will also house the urban tech institute, which will educate the next generation of urban tech leaders, providing opportunities to introduce new innovations whilst driving the fruitful public private partnerships that could engender the green technologies of the future.

It seems Dubai is living up to its reputation in being one of the most forward and advanced cities in terms of construction.

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